California Workers Compensation Experts!

As rates increase for California employers yet again, what can be done to to save money on the cost of workman's compensation insurance.

As you look at the various pages on our Website hopefully you can get a feel that the answer is not anyone simply thing, rather it is many things working together to control costs.

CA Workmans Compensation Insurance Costs can be lowered significantly by coordinating all the available resources available to reduce the number and size of claims. In insurance we refer to these two cost drivers as frequency and severity.

It starts by understanding that the rates an insurance company charges you for your CA workers comp can be debited, or credited by as much as 55%! The second thing is to understand how your modification factor is determined. Understanding the cost of a workers compensation claim isn't an easy task. GDI uses a software program to both project what your companies workers compensation modification factor is today, will be next year, and to project your trend 2-5 years in the future.

Next is to make sure your company is in compliance. Illness and Injury Prevention Plans are the foundation that support CAL OSHA compliant safety programs. All should be coordinated to reduce the number and size of claims you have. Looking back at your loss history is a good place to learn what should be done first.

Getting quotes from almost every insurance company is the 3rd step.. A GDI broker can help you with everything you need to do!

We are California Workers Compensation Experts! We can get you better rates today, and position you to get better rates in the future.

We can't control what the politician do, but we can help you control what you can! Do you know that California workers compensation rates can be discounted by as much as 55%? And that your CA modification factor can save you nearly another 40%!

Our clients do! Check out this letter from one of them! This client saved almost 50% on their workers compensation. They are not the only one! Please take a look at our client testimonials! Then call GDI at 888-991-2929