Workplace Wellness

Take advantage of GDI's Exclusive Wellness Lunch Program.  GDI will at their cost bring in a personal trainer and wellness coach.  While your employees enjoy their healthy lunch our trainer will discuss diet and exercise.  We also will have our trainer assist in an ergonomic issues to help with keeping the cost of your workers compensation insurance down as low as it can be.  We also have negotiated a reduced rate from Brenda Athletic Clubs for your company to enroll all their employees as members of their gym! 

Besides all the health benefits a gym membership brings.  It has been one of the best received employee benefits GDI has offered its employees.  Everyone loves it and Brenda Athletic Clubs have something for everyone!

Group Health Insurance rates can be credited or debited depending on the wellness of your group. Understanding how and when to use your benefits as well as planning to have fewer, and smaller claims will drive your costs down! Even with the new "health care reform". Here is one way your GDI Insurance Broker can help you!

 There is no better way to get and stay healthy then to understand a few simple things everyone can do each day.  Good health, happy employees equal more profits for your business.

Just fill out the form on the right hand side of this page and we will email you a 83 page report on how to set up a workplace wellness.  This is a very complete guide completely free of charge!