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"Better coverage, lower rates, and great services."

Dear Grant,

I wanted to write a letter recommending you and GDI to other dairy owners for their insurance needs.

I was very happy with the way you handled our insurance programs. Inspecting all our buildings, taking photos of each building and piece of equipment and making sure everything was correctly identified and covered was great.

Finding premium credits for us to help lower the price of our current insurance policies was a real bonus.

I also am very happy with all the help woring on our safety programs, human resource, and compliance programs.

Better coverage, lower rates and great service.


"...able to fill in [these] coverage gaps, and add significant amounts of additional coverage, without raising our rates."

Dear Grant,

I am writing this letter, as a recommendation of your company and services, as well as to thank you for all of the hard work you have done for us at Central Counties DHIA. Upon considering GDI Insurance, I was impressed with the numerous letters of recommendation provided by other clients. These letters however, were no comparison to the actual service, support, and cost savings we received from GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

After reviewing our existing Insurance and Workers Compensations policies, you found major coverage gaps, and high price rates. You were able to fill in these coverage gaps, and add significant amounts of additional coverage, without raising our rates. You were also able to cut our Workers Compensations rates nearly in half. The savings on our Workers Compensation rates alone, totaled almost enough to pay the new rates on all of our insurance policies combined.

I have been very pleased with the additional services you offer of General Office Practices, Human Resources requirements, and Safety compliance.

I offer this letter of recommendation of GDI Insurance Agency, Inc., and you personally, to share with anyone you may work with presently or in the future. I invite you to have any future business associates contact me directly to discuss my experience with GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

Christine Hackler
CEO, Central Counties DHIA

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"...the best we have received in the 35 years."

"Not only did GDI save us money on our insurance program. We received better and more complete coverage. GDI’s service is the best we have received in the 35 years we have been in business!"

Tony Bruno
Turlock Dairy & Refrigeration Inc.


"...saved us money, and improved our coverage!"

"GDI saved us money, and improved our coverage! They work as hard on our insurance as we do on our dairy! If you run a dairy I would recommend giving Grant a call!"

John Fiscalini
Fiscalini Farmstead Artisanal


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