If you need farm insurance of any kind. From the field to the table, call Grant Davis at GDI. Just ask Michael Crowell!

Agribusiness Insurance

If you run an Agricultural Business, it's important to know that your line of work comes with a wide variety of unique risks and dangers...

All the way from the field to the table, GDI has a program to help keep your costs down and your coverage up.  We have programs to help with your OSHA compliance, HR, wellness, fleet safety and more.  Just ask Michael Crowell.  We are here to help you with your dairy insurance, or your almond farm insurance, or packing house, or nut processing plant insurance.  We can't say it any better than Michael Crowell has said it in this letter. 

GDI Insurance works for you!  We just want to help!

We have worked hard to understand the various risks and concerns that are connected with a wide array of agricultural businesses...all so we can make sure that we have the right plan for YOU

GDI supports the Stanislaus County Farm Bureau's Farm Team Alert Program!  Pledging $5,000 in reward money for people who report farm theft.  Click Here For Details!

In addition to providing the best and most comprehensive coverage plans for your business, our agency will also deliver the strategies, tools and resources to help you manage your agriculture risks, control workers’ compensation claim costs, advance safety and boost employee morale!

We can provide you with a pre-made Agriculture and Farming Employee Safety Manual as well as our 12-month safety program to help you minimize the risk of accidents that might otherwise damage your business!

To learn more about our safety plan, visit our Research Center here on the website.  We offer this service to everyone, free of charge (whether you're our client yet or not!)

To get started today, all you need to do is fill out our simple Protection Savings Form above.  There's no obligation so why not start now?  As a customer of GDI Insurance, we'll find you the best protection at the best price, and we'll also do everything we can do to help you succeed!