Contractors Insurance

Grant Davis with GDI Insurance. Contractors, Construction, Developers and Sub contractors. Take a peek at the above video here; this is just the tip of the iceberg. I always tell my clients, remember this, if you're using your construction insurance, something already has gone terribly wrong. If your contractual transfers are incorrect, that's if you're the developer, you didn't transfer it on down to your subcontractors or if you're a subcontractor, you took on more responsibility than you should have and you're in trouble now. Hey, there's a lot to this so we've got to remember, it starts with being safe on the job site. Safety, human resource, wellness plans, property and liability, transfers and protection, we can help you with all of that. This is just the tip of the iceberg here.

We have volumes and volumes of material, everything you could imagine for contractors. I spend a lot of time working with developers and subcontractors and their attorneys. And we help them with the indemnification clauses, letters for certificates of insurance, we outline and then give them to you, certificate tracking programs and management, additional insured reading, the insurance service office ISO has a lot of variations of additional insured and a lot of people will say, "Oh, this is an equivalent to the 1185 which we're all looking for." If it's equivalent to, why don't they just use the same wording, right?

I'll be happy to work with your attorneys, your CPAs, your project managers, your risk managers, bottom line is this, if you do it right, you never need your contractors insurance. Every once in a while you do like in this time right; this is 2010, so the economy dips. The price of the house goes down as an example or property, everyone's looking at how small or big the small cracks are now. But that has... We can't help those things. You build a quality house, my clients all build quality houses and we try to make sure that the contractual transfers are done properly. Either way, I represent subcontractors, and I represent developers, and I represent commercial developers, and commercial people, and heavy iron workers, the whole shot, we're happy to help you. If you also look at all the companies we have, no one has any better rates, no one has any companies we don't have, so it's really a matter of just trying to stay out of trouble in the first place. Smaller and fewer claims is the ticket.

Hey, thanks a lot. I hope we get the information you need. And by the way, if you want something else, just ask us, whether you're our client or not. If you're not our client, we'll give a couple of things to help you out. If you're looking for an employee manual or a safety manual, no problem, we'll just give it to you and you're good to go. We do ask you to be our client because if you would like full OSHA compliance, your 300 logs and all of that, we do all of that for free for our clients. Hey, thanks a lot. Bye-bye.

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