GDI Cares More About Securing Your Company.  The basics of bonding.

Bonding by GDI Bonding is not insurance.  Bonding is a risk transfer mechanism.  A bond is typically tied to a certain performance being done.  Or a bond such as a contractors license bond is posted so that consumers can get some relief if they are taken by a licensed contractor.  This makes doing business with a bonded contractor safer than doing business with an unlicensed and un-bonded contractor.  

The bond steps in and make the client also called the principle whole.  The bond then seeks restitution from the bond obligee.  

Bonds are very easy to get, some are a bit challenging.  Most contractors also have bid bonds that then become performance and payment bonds.  

these bonds typically are tied to a contract where the contractor is obligated to perform a certain task for a fee.  The contract also may have to pay sub contractors and suppliers.  If the contractor doesn't complete the work as per the contract the performance bond will step in and make the principle holder of the bond whole.  Also should the contractor fail to pay suppliers or sub contractors, then the Payment Bond portion will make those payments.

Just call GDI for all your bonding needs. 

here are just a few types of bonds we can help with.

Bid Bonds
Payment Bonds
Advance Payment Bonds
Performance Bonds
Bonds in place of a stand by letter of credit up to $10,000,000
License and Permit Bonds such as 
Auctioneer Bond
Real Estate Broker Bond
Gas Tax Bond
Alcohol Bond
Contractors License Bond
Insurance Brokers Bond
Blanket Sub Contractors Bond
Home Improvement Bond
Auto Dealers Bond
Motor Vehicle Bond
Notary Bond
Trash Collection Bonds=
Tax Bond
Credit Enhancement Bonding

All your bonding needs right here right now... GDI does them all, and uses them to enhance credit, secure projects, and make sure you get what you pay for. GDI Cares More About Your Bonds!