The Price of Life Insurance Has Dropped!


Turlock Life Insurance can help protect your family and is an excellent way to accumulate money for college, retirement or unplanned expenses. A person should have life insurance that approaches six to eight times their annual gross income. Under current laws, there is generally no federal income tax on death benefits paid to a named beneficiary.

Using the strength and experience of our life insurance markets, we offer affordable term life, whole life, and universal life insurance policies.

Here are some examples of One Million Dollar, 20 Year Term Life Policies!

Age   Male   Female
25   $36.75   $31.50
30   $36.75   $32.38
35   $37.63   $33.25
40   $53.38   $45.50
45   $103.25   $77.88
50   $161.00   $114.63
55   $252.88   $182.00

All you have to do is fill out the Protection Savings Life Insurance Quote Form at the top of the page to receive your very own personalized quote. We make it easy to get the coverage your family needs, and know you are getting the best rates available. Just contact GDI!