Disability Insurance

The most valuable resource that anyone possesses is their ability to provide an income. If everything else that you own or care about is insured and this ability is removed there may be no way possible to pay the premiums on other insurance or even to keep that which is insured. Disability insurance will provide you with an income should you become sick or disabled.

Even with benefits such as Workers Compensation and Social Security, individual disability insurance benefits are still important. A disability financially can be worse than death, since living expenses continue and may increase due to a need for expensive specialized care. Many people also purchase Turlock disability insurance to help ensure a continuous income should they suffer disabilities that are not covered by Social Security.

Individual disability insurance coverages pay a percentage of your salary if you become temporarily disabled, meaning that you are not able to work due to sickness or injury (excluding on-the-job injuries, which are covered by workers compensation insurance).

Disability Insurance Coverage Features

Disability insurance policies have a fixed monthly benefit that does not increase with time, although you can purchase extra coverage, or riders, that offer higher payment schedules.

Disability types include:

Own Occupation - the inability to perform the duties of your specific occupation or

Any Occupation - the inability to perform the duties of any job for which your education and training make you qualified.

You can choose the length of the waiting period on your disability insurance policy. Waiting periods can range from one week to two years and the longer you wait the less your disability insurance policy will cost. You also can choose the length of the benefit period, which is how long you will receive monthly benefits once your disability insurance policy starts paying.