Health Savings Accounts HSAS

Health Savings Accounts seem complicated, but with the help of Regan Jennings, one of GDI's Health Insurance Experts we will have you saving money on your health insurance in no time. Call One of GDI's Health Insurance Experts To Help You Get Started and See How Much You Can Save By Starting Your HSA!


Regan Jennings. "I would like to help you learn How You Can Reduce the Cost of Your Health Insurance and Pay for ALL Your Health Care with Tax Free Dollars. Below is a brief overview and a video I have to help you get the basics of Health Savings Accounts. Once you have taken a look at my video on Health Savings Accounts HSA's, please give me a call and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about health savings accounts, HSA's and help you set up your own HSA if you decide a Health Savings Account is right for you. Call me at GDI 888-991-2929

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research low deductibles and small co pays can increase the cost
of your health insurance by as much as 40%.

Because minimal co-payments make it easy for us + to submit insurance claims for minor health care expenses that we can afford to pay without insurance. Of course We all need insurance to cover major health care expenses like surgery or hospitalization. So What's the solution? a Tax exempt Health Savings Account and low cost Major Medical Insurance It's a combination that can reduce the cost of your insurance by as much as 40% minimize your rate increases allow you to choose your own health care benefits and pay for ALL your health care expenses with tax deductible dollars!

Here's how it works . . . A Health Savings Account or HSA is like an Individual Retirement Account an IRA but for health care expenses instead of retirement income. The money you deposit is tax deductible and the interest you earn is tax exempt. But the money you take out to pay for health care is also tax exempt. Whatever you don't spend you can later use to pay for future healthcare expenses. Which gives YOU control over your healthcare benefits NOT the insurance company.

You can deposit up to $3,350 starting in 2016. A year into a personal HSA or more than $6,750 starting in 2016 a year into your family HSA and you can transfer money from your IRA or 401k account to set up your HSA. Of course the money you save on the cost of insurance should be deposited into your HSA every month. But you can also transfer money from any other savings account whenever you want.

Here is a great video that explains all this and more. Once you have looked at it give me a call and I can help you with any additional questions and help you set up your HSA!