Disability insurance coverage is an important employee benefit because it helps protect your employees most valuable financial asset...their income! It replaces lost income for an employee who is unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Group disability insurance for your California business is an excellent employee benefit incentive for acquiring and maintaining employees.  In addition, the cost is relatively low in comparison to other employee benefits.

Here are a few more details about Group Long Term Disability and Group Short Term Disability Insurance in the state of California...

Group Long Term Disability Insurance (California)

Each year on average, 12% of the adult U.S. population suffers a long term disability and one out of eight workers will suffer a five-year or longer disability before the age of 65.

California group long term disability insurance plans provide income protection for disabilities lasting three months or longer. After the initial waiting period is completed, long term disability insurance will provide a monthly income which may continue until age 65 for qualified disabilities. The monthly income provided under a policy is usually 60% of the employees pre-disability income.

Key Features:

  • Benefits begin on the 91st day of disability.
  • Monthly benefit is 60% of pre-disability income.
  • Maximum monthly benefit is $5,000.
  • Benefit duration to age 65 for qualified disabilities.

Group Short Term Disability Insurance (California)

When an employee needs to be away from work for an extended period due to a non-work related disability like maternity, illness, or off-the-job injury, an employee can have access to a short term disability program which provides at least partial income protection. Short term disability insurance is a more common employee benefit because the chance of an employee being unable to work for a short period is higher than the chance of being permanently disabled.

A short term disability insurance plan for your California business will provide weekly income for an employee disability shorter than three months. Coverage is meant to bridge the gap between a company's sick pay policy and the start of a long term disability insurance plan.

Key Features:

  • Benefits begin on the 1st day in the case of an accident
  • Benefits begin on the 8th day in the case of a sickness
  • Weekly benefit is 100% of pre-disability income for the first 15 days.
  • Weekly benefit is 66% of pre-disability income from day 16 through a maximum of 165 days.
  • Maximum weekly benefit is $1,000.
  • Benefit duration is 26 weeks.

Regardless of whether you're a large employer or a small business...whether you need a long term or short term disability plan, or both...GDI Insurance provides exceptional disability insurance coverage for your most important business asset...your employees!  SImply fill out our Protection Savings Form above or give us a call and speak with a California Business Insurance specialist toll free at 888-991-2929 to discuss the policy features in more detail!

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