General Contracts, Developers and Sub Contractors Insurance Programs!

Contractors Insurance Programs!

GDI Insurance Agency knows construction insurance! Just as important GDI knows how to help save you money on your construction insurance programs.

If you are a Housing Developer, General Contractor, Solar Installation Contractor,   Sub Contractor then you've come to the right place! 

GDI Insurance provides Contractors Insurance solutions specifically-tailored for construction businesses exactly like yours!  

How would you like to get the right coverage, with the right additional insured forms for a change?   GDI wrote a page just to help contractors and sub contractors understand the importance of getting the additional insured endorsements correct!  We also point many other insurance brokers to this page to help them understand why its important for their clients!  Click Here to See it!

Just an Example:  solar installation contractors insurance program.  Click Here! for an example of the program we have to save help solar contractors save money on their insurance policies. 

GDI spear heads the effort to turn the tide of outrageous unfounded get rich quick ambulance chasing attorneys bringing unfounded construction defect litigation.  Click Here to Learn More!  GDI steps in the ring with our clients to help fight unfounded construction defect claims.  Most consumers don't understand the impact to their home of even filing such a claim.  GDI makes sure they get the message all to help our clients! 

  GDI even created a program to even help our clients get their projects 
  funded click here to see How do we do it?

  When the market fell in 2008 GDI created away for our clients to sell their homes with a price guarantee.  Click here to learn more!  
What if in 2008 you could have sold a home that had a guarantee of its market value for 10 years!  Would that have helped?  

Hopefully by now you are wondering why you have your contractors insurance anywhere else but GDI!  Just give us a call and we will get you the lowest rate for contractors general liability insurance available, but also give you all these added services and more.

   Not only that, but you'll have the support of our experts on a continuing basis. We don't just make a sale and leave you hanging. We review your contracts, review your certificates of insurance, additional insured endorsements, as well as put on classes for your staff on these topics and of course full osha compliant safety programs are just a few of the added value items GDI provides. 

At GDI Insurance Agency we provide this comprehensive protection plan whether you are a sole proprietor performing general remodeling, a specialty trade or artisan contractor, or the largest general construction firm in the industry...

GDI knows how to insure contractors and their developments.  Call us today for help with yours... 888-991-2929


Working on a new residential development? We will do our best for you whether you are a developer or sub-contractor. Whether you are a small California business owner or a multi-million dollar, multi-state construction firm, we can offer affordable contractors insurance coverage that meets your specific requirements.

Our Clients Can Relay the Message Best!

"...$385,000 less a year than we were paying"
“We looked hard at all our budget items, and insurance seemed to be a big fixed expense. GDI found us a policy for $385,000 less a year than we were paying”
-CA Home Builder

"...found me coverage for $140,000 less a year"
“When everyone else said that was the best they could do, I called GDI, and they found me coverage for $140,000 less a year than anyone else offered.”
-CA Cement Contractor

So, regardless of whether you're a trade, artisan, or general contractor, contact GDI Insurance to learn more about our comprehensive insurance coverage for your business. There's no risk and no obligation, and we'll do the work for you to make sure your business is well-protected today.  Simply call our office or take a brief moment to fill out our quick and easy Protection Savings Form above!

Still not sure?  Take a look at this article I wrote for the February 2008 edition of Builder and Developer Magazine! 

Save on contractors insurance, by Grant Davis GDI, Builder and Developer Magizine