Grant Davis

Grant W. Davis began his career selling insurance door to door, as a one man operation, in 1980. From that humble beginning, Davis has constructed a multi-million dollar sales organization. Ranked in the top 1% of sales proffessionals nationally (based on personally produced new commissions)  Grant works in direct sales daily.

Davis has authored two books, developed multiple sales training seminars, Life Werks & The Habitual Salesman, and has been published numerous times in both industry and sales publications.

With this experience, Davis brings a masterful understanding of: business personal salesmanship, financial planning, insurance, risk management and marketing to his clients and colleagues. Davis has a history of handling hard sales and marketing problems.

I hope you don't mind, but I thought I would share some of my daily life with you. Below are some pictures of our family almond farm, and surroundings.

One of My Favorite Parts of My Almond Orchard


This is one of my favorite places. We live on 22 acres of almonds in the CA. Central Valley. I love to spend time alone, and quietly pray in our orchard. I also found that eating a box of almonds a month, 5 pounds from my orchard curves my hunger, and keeps my energy level evenly high all day.

Each year when we harvest I get 5 pound boxes of raw almonds from our orchard. I am sure an almond is an almond, is an almond? But I like knowing where mine are coming from, and when they were harvested, ect... I guess its because I am eating so many of them!


My Second Favorite Place. One morning my cousin and I grabbed two shovels and each started on one end. We dug all day long. This picture is a few years old now, all the shrubs and trees are grown, and this area is very secluded, between my back yard, and the horse corral. To the left of this shot is a small water fall. A very peaceful place to sit and prayerfully consider life.


One of the challenges of living in the middle of an orchard is believe it or
not garbage day. Our driveway is 480 feet long, and the garbage is picked up at
the street. A small inconvenience for the peacefulness of farm living.


My middle son Todd, climbed on of the 60 +- foot redwoods to take
this picture of the almond blossoms on our farm.

Thank You, Grant W. Davis



Another look at our pond.


The View From The Back Porch In Sedona! A great place to
recharge your batteries.


Andrew Taking a Dust Bath Roll!


We put our boat in @ Whiskey Slough in the Delta, and run to the Golden Gate. On the way we see these
guys laying around in the sun. Of course as we pull up close to get a picture, someone in our boat starts
telling us a story he heard somewhere about one of these guys jumping into a boat when it got to close!

On to the things that really matter!


My wife and I have been married since we were 18. High School sweet hearts married 29 years!

We have 4 children. Matthew, Todd, Lisia, and Jon. I will be adding more about our family shortly.