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We will post the emails from Tom Orvis here.

We more than encourage you to call Tom, or email him if you run across any of the items listed below. 209-522-7278 Tom's Email is [email protected]
Tri-county Ag Crimes Task Force Numbers at the Bottom of this page!

If your report results in a recovery, or someone getting caught, GDI will write you a check for up to $500 on behalf of
GDI's agribusiness clients!
And in Support of
Your Farm Bureau's Efforts
to Stop This Non Sense!


All you have to do is send Tom and email, or give him a call, he will let us know where to send the check, or cash however you want it as long as we get the stuff back, or catch the people taking it the money is yours no questions asked!

Here are some updates from local law enforcement.


Thefts and Suspicious Vehicles Ballico
By BNW Editor

NeighborhoodWatch Ballico 2/25/2011

Additional sprinklers stolen from Pepper Street block-we think last Monday morning -a person saw this vehicle exiting the high line canal from our property but thought it was neighbor's worker-which it was not. The person was in a hurry taking off -our workers reported the loss on late Monday afternoon but because of the person being gone we weren't able to piece the story together. The person filed sheriff's report yesterday. This vehicle was seen by one of our ranch workers at about the same time although no one was actually seen cutting the sprinkler heads off . . . . .

Here is the description of the vehicle that Pablo saw on Monday.

Light brown/tan Acura legend 1986 or 1987 1 person in the car, Hispanic male in his late 20's or early 30's

Back window knocked out and the back window is taped up with plastic.

Copper Theft 2/26/2011

Be on the lookout for an older model Chevy, dark blue. License plate #5YZZ519. At 11:30, Fri, 25 Feb, a theft was attempted of the air conditioner unit from the JACL Hall Bldg located on Cortez near Santa Fe.

One of the persons involved was described as a white male, about 5 ft 9 inches, approx 165lbs, looking around age 35 and has bad teeth.

A sheriff's report was taken and the case number assigned to it is #1105198. The officer who took the report said the footprints that were left matched other copper theft crime scenes. Other accomplices are suspected to be working together but no I.D. for them. If you see a vehicle with the license plate number above call the Sheriff's Dept or 911 and reference the case number

2/26/2011 Be on the Look Out

Be on the look out for a white Ford Expedition, 3 Hispanic in early 20s, one with a pencil thin beard. These people have been breaking into houses.


Keep an eye on your Beehives … and your power poles …

Ø Two reports of Beehive frame thefts (frames only - no boxes) have come in today. The attached pictures are from the Westside of Stanislaus County near Patterson. Another report has been received from San Joaquin County in the Farmington/Valley Home area. Same thing - frames not boxes.

1. Suspects in Farmington area (Carter Rd. x Henry Rd.) described as two males - 5'6” and around 210# +; one suspect is heavier. Vehicle described as a black or dark blue Toyota Corolla or Nissan Sentra. Frames were thrown into trunk of vehicle on Tuesday, February 8th between 8-9PM.

Ø Multiple reports in Western Stanislaus and Merced Counties between Newman and Gustine of idle power poles being cut down with either chain saws or hand saws and the transformers being broken into and having the copper windings removed. Local law enforcement is working with the utility companies on these cases.

Ø Kubota tractor theft in Merced County with tractor recovered after it had been taken out of a razor-wired fenced pump station inside an orchard. Thieves then unhitched a sprayer, and hitched a nut cart (rusty color) to the tractor. Nut cart is still missing.

This report is being forwarded to law enforcement, corporate security firms and FarmTeam members in Stanislaus and Merced counties as well as county Farm Bureaus in Sacramento, San Joaquin, Tuolumne, Merced, Madera, Fresno, Kings, Tulare and Kern counties.

Thank you,

Tom Orvis

Stanislaus FarmTeam

(209) 522-7278

[email protected]

San Joaquin County:

Ø Please be on the lookout for a white male driving a black 4 door 1995 Lexus . Also keep an eye out for a STOLEN blue 1998 Tahoe SUV, bearing Cal. License plate # 6HEH391 This SUV was also stolen from one of the burglary victims residence and was used to take the victims property. We believe they may still be in the area committing other burglaries. As you are well aware if they have wheels they can go anywhere in the county. Please call our Dispatch at 209-468-4400,or contact me with any information. Our Christmas dinner would be so much more pleasant, knowing that theirs would be behind bars.

Ø Trimble GPS unit recovered - probably a tractor unit. Need to contact Sheriff's Department with Serial numbers and identification information to claim.

Merced County:

Ø Merced County Investigators Requesting Information
By Detective Micah Brawley

The Merced County Sheriff's Office - Investigations Division, is requesting anyone with information as it relates to ANY suspicious vehicles or activity, on Thursday, Dec 02, 2010, between the hours 0900 and 1200 hrs, in the area of Monte Vista Ave / Looney Ave, and Keyes Rd / Olsen Rd., to PLEASE report to us what you have seen.

As I'm sure most of you are aware, a woman was kidnapped, murdered and burned in an orchard off of Keyes Rd, west of Olsen. Her vehicle was dumped in another orchard on Monte Vista, just east of Looney. We have had a few valuable leads and tips come in since the date of the crime. We also have a suspect vehicle description, and believe given the time of day this occurred, the likelihood there are other witnesses is great.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Detective Micah Brawley
Merced County Sheriff's Office
Investigations Division - Major Crime Unit
820 W. 22nd St.
Merced, CA 95340
209-385-7472 office
209-564-0038 cell
[email protected]

Ø Red Kawasaki Mule Recovered
By Rank Investigations

A red Kawasaki Mule was recovered on a clients property on Meadows Rd in Merced County. It appears the Mule was stolen and abandoned. Anyone missing this vehicle should contact Merced County Sheriff's Office.

Stanislaus County:

Ø License number for vehicle on previous post 7D32838
By Rank Investigations

The license number for the dark green Toyota pickup from the earlier post on Keyes Rd is: 7D32838. This person seems to be very active and apparently knows the area very well. BE ALERT.

At about 1:30AM, Dec. 12 a RSO unit observed a Dark Green Toyota 4WD pickup westbound on Keyes Rd turning south on Hickman. The vehicle was heavily loaded. When the driver observed the RSO unit he made a u-turn and left at a high rate of speed and returned westbound on Keyes Rd. The vehicle failed to stop for stop signs and fled the area.

The RSO recognized this as the same vehicle that had been involved in thefts on Hawkins Rd several months ago. A license plate and photo of the vehicle will follow later today. Anyone missing property should report it to their SO and contact RIP.

Ø White Dodge Spirit Lic. 4DWW564
By BNW Editor

Gratton Neighborhood Watch

What: Suspicious Car parked on Sperry watching a house

When: Mon., Dec. 13, 2010 at approx. 3 pm.

Where: south of the intersection of Keyes and Sperry

Description: White Dodge Spirit, a boxy 4-door, tinted window in back peeling off, rust on body

License: 4DWW564

Upon returning home, one of the neighbors noticed the above mentioned car parked in front of a house a few doors away. She quickly took down the description and license as the car attempted to leave quickly. She followed the car toward Denair and later found the car backed into the driveway of a home. The driver was standing on the porch nervously tapping on the door as she passed. He is described as a older, chunky Hispanic man.

General Information:

Ø See attached flyer from Placer County for recovered saddles.

Ø Beware Of Criminals Posing As PG&E Workers
By Administrator
By Sabra Stafford
Crime Desk, Turlock Journal
Dec. 10, 2010 11:49 pm

Pacific Gas and Electric Company is sending out warnings to residents to be on the look-out for scammers out trolling for victims this holiday season.

Based on recent reports from both the Central Valley and the Bay Area, the utility company is warning customers to beware of criminals posing as PG&E utility workers. Some imposters may try to gain entry into a household and steal from unsuspecting customers. Others call customers to warn that their service may be cut off if they fail to pay a past due bill over the phone with a credit card or checking account.

PG&E offers tips to help protect customers from these scams

Ø It is the Holiday season. Scrap metal prices are very high - Copper is approaching $4/pound. Fuel costs are over $3/gallon. Criminals are looking for something to do. Lock your gates, watch out for your neighbors. Check your pumps and electrical motors even though we are about to receive a heavy dose of rain. A local bank recently had their power supply cut and stripped for copper wire! Get your OAN number, paint your sprinkler heads and valves, identify everything, take pictures and put them away somewhere and start a Neighborhood Watch.

Ø Concealed Carry Weapon class - Saturday, January 29, 20111 - 9AM-4PM - SCFB Office - Call Tom @ 522-7278 to RSVP <NOTE: You have 90 days following completion to apply for your CCW permit from the Sheriff without having to requalify>


Today, I have a goat theft to report in the Oakdale/Riverbank area from last week - a random picture of Boer goats is attached. I have also attached the latest Net Alert from the San Joaquin County Ag Crimes Task Force, the contact info for the Sheriff's Departments in Merced, San Joaquin & Stanislaus counties and a reminder of our other community partners that help spread the message - Neighborhood Watch groups and businesses and organizations!

Back to the goats …

November 8, 2010 - Oakdale/Riverbank area

  • Theft of 13 nanny Boer Goats from the vicinity of Langworth, Milnes & Rice roads in the East Riverbank, Southeast Oakdale area.
  • Boer goats are a meat breed and brown and white in color but these are nannies - mother goats used for breeding.
  • Each goat has a small white plastic tag - certifying Scabies-free status - in either ear.
  • The tags are from the State of Texas and the numbers on the tags start with a “TX” prefix followed by a sequential number.
  • The Stanislaus Sheriff's Department Rural Crimes Task Force has individual animal information and identification numbers.

If you have any information, please contact Sgt. Seymour or Det. Reed at the numbers provided on the attached contact list.

If you aren't busy tomorrow at the Blue Diamond Annual Meeting or the Salvation Army Annual Bell Ringer Kick-off, please join us at Wood Colony Nut Co.'s huller at the NE corner of Dakota Ave., and North Ave. in West Modesto at 10AM for our Northwest region Rural Crime Workshop!

Here are some descriptions of equipment stolen on Sunday and early Monday morning.


Just got a report of a fuel trap wagon stolen from a Turlock area dairy. Good news - it was recovered on the Westside and returned to its rightful owner. Bad news - it was empty! At $2.50-$3.50 per gallon that amounts to a $1000 + loss.

Remember to mark and identify your equipment - whether with paint, stencils, logos, brazing/hard facing or an OAN number. And take pictures if possible. Your property cannot come home if you don't report it, don't know it is gone or can't identify it.


  1. Denair area - Sunday - 11/7/10
  2. Dodge Dakota - 2001 model - no plates - camper shell and chrome wheels - no color provided
  3. Oakdale area - Rodden Colony - Early Monday - 11/8/10
  4. John Deere Model 4310
  5. Front -end loader Model 430
  6. Rotary cutter - Model MX-5

(PIN's are available from law enforcement)

Taken by an unknown suspect with a pick-up and single axle trailer

Here are is the Tri County Ag Police Hot Lines! Merced County, San Joaquin County, and Stanislaus County Rural and Ag Crimes Task Force key contact!