GDI's Adopt A Teacher Program!




GDI’s Adopt A Teacher Program!

GDI and its employees want to support our local teachers.  One of my children and I both have dyslexia and both have benefited from the kindness of teachers that take the extra time and use their own resources to help us.

 So GDI is going to set aside $250 each month to give directly to teachers to use to help them with the extra needs they may have. We gave one teacher money to buy planters and plant a flower garden with her kindergarten class, another high school teacher heading up a science team  we helped get the books they needed to compete.

We get a lot of referrals each month.  Our friends and clients tell their friends to give us a call.  Anytime that happens we always want to say thank you.  We give the referring person a gift card, and enter them in a drawing for a free TV, or this year an Ipad, as well as monthly drawings for free dinners.  We are also going to add $5.00 each time to our adopt a teacher program monthly budget.

All you have to do is go to our website and fill out the request form on the top left of this page!
Each month I have some great retired and active teachers that will review the requests prioritize them and GDI will fund as many and as much as we can.  We will also post anonymously on our site any request that we can’t fund all of.   We have lots of great clients that are willing to help!

 Thank You

Grant W Davis
 Call us 888-991-2929

 PS… GDI’s Exclusive Teen Driver Safety Program!  Is also on our site.  This is a great place for teens and their parents to sit down and review good safety rules, and get a free teen driver contract!

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 It is really just this simple! 

Here is a request GDI received for some help in April 2011

 My name is Alice and I am a teacher for students with autism grades 2-6th. We are always in the need for items that our students can use for reinforcement. Our students like foods and electronic toys that they will "work" for (meaning they will engage in appropriate behaviors and learn new skills in order to receive access for these preferred items. Additionally, our class has needs of reading books outside of our curriculum, art supplies, and a trampoline.
I appreciate your willingness to help out teachers. Thanks for your time.

Here is GDI helping!

Here is another example:

Here is a request GDI received in April of 2011

SCHOOL: Turlock High School
Turlock High School opened its doors over 100 years ago. Spanning this 100 years, the Metal Shop program has been and continues to be an integral part of the school€™s Industrial Arts Department.

The curriculum for the Metal Shop Program includes the following 1) Shop Safety Practices, 2) Welding proficiencies, 3) Sheet metal skills, 4) Forging skills and 5) Machinery skills (lathe and mill operations) The curriculum is paced to be completed in four years.

Due to the financial cutbacks that the Industrial Arts Department has made local businesses have been the lifeline to help keep our Metal Shop Program up and running. For example Wilkey Sheet Metal provides us with their company’s scrap and damaged metal. Hypower Hydraulics also donates scrap aluminum round stock for students’ machining projects.

This year’s budget allowed for 1,400 dollars to be spent on the program. This amount will be completely spent on the consumable expenses of the program. Fuel gases (oxygen, acetylene), safety equipment (safety glasses, ear plugs) and fabrication fasteners. These are the bare-bones supplies of this “learn-by-doing” vocational program.

As an instructor, it is frustrating that many of the shop tools that are used for particular skills have not been able to be repaired nor replaced due to the lack of funding. Some of these tools would be beads for the bead blaster, carbides for the lathe and mill cutters, micrometers and dial calipers and drill bits. With your financial assistance, I would once again be able to model and teach, and more importantly students would be able to practice the particular skills associated with this equipment.

In closing, our Metal Shop Program may continue to be financially challenged. However, the need for vocational education and the desire of those students who want to learn marketable skills will hopefully be the rationale for programs like ours to prevail. Thank you and I hope you will consider Turlock Metal Shop as a recipient of one of your grants!


Dave Moser
Metal Shop Instructor
Industrial Arts Department
Turlock High School

Here is GDI helping!

We got this letter from Pitman High School:

 April 15, 2010

 Dear Mr. Davis:

 I am the Business and Accounting teacher at Pitman High School. My students manage Dream Balloon Company in our Small Business Management class; learning and following the ideal practices of a small business. I would like to allow my students to branch out in the field of business and have access to real life circumstances. An upcoming trade shows in Bakersfield and Oakland would serve as the perfect opportunities.

 As a part of the Virtual Enterprise network, students run a "virtual" model business of their own choice. Students create a product or service, produce a business plan, establish departments with appropriate personnel and manage the day-to-day operations, marketing to other enterprises around the world. Students fill staff and management positions in the company learning essential business and entrepreneurial skills, information processing, and gain an understanding of the global economy.   They will no longer be coming to class; they will be coming to work!  They even purchase company shirts to be worn at all VE events.

 Participation in Trade Fairs with other Virtual Enterprise students is a highlight of the class.   At Trade Fairs, students set up a real trade fair booth to market their product or service to attendees.  In addition, there are numerous competitions including best commercial, venture capitalist, best newsletter, best response to human resource scenarios, best salesmanship, etc.   It is an incredible learning experience for participants.

 Next year we will have the opportunity to attend trade fairs in Bakersfield and Oakland.

 Obviously there is significant cost for students to attend all these events.  First, understand that there is NO requirement for students to attend any function outside of school.  However, their educational experience is certainly much greater with at least some involvement in these opportunities.  Some experiences such as the management training and the Bakersfield Trade Fair will be free to all students.  For other events, students will have many opportunities to fundraise throughout the year.  

 To raise funds to support these important events, Virtual Enterprise runs a balloon company service for students celebrating birthdays during the school year.  Balloon bouquets are sold to students at a reduced cost – while the “business” still makes a modest profit.

 We are also searching for corporate sponsors for our class.  If you or your company might be interested in contributing to this business class, we will be happy to have a team of students speak with you or your employees about the class.

 We also would be privileged to invite you to our classroom.  We are having a Grand Opening for our Sunset Cinema Drive-in on May.

 We could use $250 to offset the cost of our Grand Opening and purchase a helium tank for the end of the year balloon orders.

 Hopefully you now understand more about the incredible class our students are involved in.  Should you ever have any questions please call or email me.

We were happy to help.. .no picture this time, but we did get this very kind letter back. 

Dear Mr. Davis,

I would like to personally thank you for your generous donation to Sunset Cinema. It was greatly needed and appreciated. We are hoping to use this gift for future plans of both Sunset Cinema and the Small Business Management class here at Pitman High School.  These plans include our travels to future competition trade fairs, necessary supplies for the virtual business, and the in-classroom business, the Dream Balloon Company. We are saddened in the fact that you were not able to attend the Sunset Cinema Open House, but we hope to see you at future events of the Small Business Management Class. Thank you once again for your thoughtful donation and from the entire Sunset Cinema team, we hope all is well.


Jenna Fontes
Sunset Cinema CEO

 All you have to do is fill in the form below and ask us.  We will do our best to help! 

If you are not a teacher, but after reading some of the things these teachers need you would like to help as well please give GDI a call and let us know how you can help..  GDI is doing all it can every month, but as you can see these teachers are going the extra mile to help their students and are looking for specific things we can all help with. 

Thank you

Grant Davis