GDI's Community Safety Saturday for 2011 was hosted on June 25th and was a huge success!

Thank you so much to everyone that came and helped support this important work.

Below are some photos from our event on 6-25-11.

Grant Davis, GDI (back row)   -   Midsi Sanchez   -   Tabitah Cardenas    -     Marc Klass, Klass Kids


               Mark Klass of Klass Kids                                 Nick Colbert GDI / Turlock Rural Fire Fighters

    Jon Davis checking out his new career goal!                    Tabitha Cardenes and Mitsy Sanchez

                              Mark Klaas                                                      GDI and Cig's booth!

          Free Hot Dogs and Drinks were a hit               Thank you CHP, Turlock PD, for replacing all those
                                                                                  car seats.  And thanks to everyone that waited in
                                                                                  line for up to an hour!

            Minnette doing what she loves!                           We had over 1,000 visitors attend our event.

                                                                                  Left-to-right: Marc Klaas, Turlock Mayor John Lazar,
                                                                                                       GDI President Grant Davis


You're invited to join us for our next upcoming event..

Please click here for more info about this year's Community Safety Saturday!