Do you know why your workers’ compensation premiums went up or down in the past few years?

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 Workers comp MonkeysSo your workers compensation cost just went through the roof and you had no idea it was coming!  something about your Modification Factor went up and no one told you!   GDI runs a program called Mod Master for all our clients.  Since your mod is made up of your actual losses for the oldest 3 of the last 4 years when you finish this years audit we can tell you what next years mod will be, and give you a good idea what the year afters will be and what if anything can be done to improve (lower your rates)!

Do you know how much more or less your competitor is paying for workers’ comp coverage? Do you know how much you could potentially be saving on your premiums by targeting your company’s cost drivers with loss control actions?  Would it be helpful to know when you go to bid?  GDI can help!

These are all questions GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. can answer by performing an analysis of your business’s experience rating factor, or mod. Through a mod analysis we can:

Make sure to ask for a copy of the 5 step program we created to reduce the cost of your workers compensation insurance.  We are happy to just send it to you.  But we will also run the program for you.  Just ask yourself what is your current agent/brokers plan to reduce your workers compensation premiums?  Then give me a call.  I have a plan that works, and have testimonials from clients just like you that will tell you their experience with GDI and be happy to talk to you about what GDI does for them!   We will also:

•        Help you understand what the mod is, how your loss history affects the mod and how the mod impacts your bottom line

        Identify and analyze problem areas

        Develop targeted solutions to improve problem areas and reduce premium and claims costs

        Make the mod part of your total risk management strategy

Let us perform a complimentary mod analysis for your business to show you the difference it can make for your company’s bottom line. For more information, please visit us today at or contact us at 209-634-2929.

 Grant Davis

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.


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