Use The Tax System Instead of the Tax System Using You

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I spent last week in New Orleans learning how to help my clients use the tax system instead of the tax system using them.  The best CPA's and tax attorneys in the country were present teaching proven concepts to help reduce or eliminate tax, as well as strategies to have the government pay for your retirement plans, children’s college education and much more!

The laws are on the books and proven, but, few take advantage of them.  The government has created these programs to support education, retirement and self reliance.  It boils down to this.  You can pay it yourself after tax or you can use the strategies of the richest people in the country and let the government pay for you. 

Interestingly I was the only one from Northern California in attendance. 

If you want a plan call me.


Just ask my clients.  Last year I was able to help Faneli equipment by taking 150,000 from their tax bill and put it into their financial plan. 

Its your call, pay the government or pay yourself!  I am here to help you pay yourself.  As an example of my ability to put together complex plans that get funding check out this letter of reference by CLICKING HERE






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