Setting Goals for the New Year By: Matt Davis

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My wife and I just sat down with our kids and each of us set 4 goals each for the year . Each of the goals were in separate categories.  

  • Personal,
  • Professional/Academic,
  • Physical/Hygiene – we used hygiene for our younger kids to become self-sufficient in brushing teeth and so on, and
  • Spiritual

Here are my goals for this year: 

·         Personal:  Read a minimum of 15 minutes EVERY day

o   At least 5 minutes for scripture study and at least 5 minutes for professional development, and then the rest could be whatever


·         Professional:  Study for and pass at least one ARM exam (Associate Risk Manager curriculum through AI/CPCU) – I’ve bought the book and have now read the first chapter of 20+ chapters


·         Physical:  (I have two goals):  Bench-press 350 pounds (I’m currently at 310) and get down to a body weight of no greater than 205 pounds (I’m currently at 225)


·         Spiritual:  Teach at least 2 Sunday school classes at church in 2015 (I’ve spoken with my elders quorum at church and am now slotted for 2-4 lessons this year)


We had each kid write their 4 goals out and put them on our refrigerator for the coming year.  Then we gave them each a printed calendar for January and had them put a cross in the box of each day so as to break it up into 4 separate spaces so they can then track and check off their progress toward each goal every day.


Now the really hard part will be maintaining the energy level to be diligent to have the kids regularly review their progress and help guide them to successful completion without overstepping our role and doing it for them!

From left to right, our kids, Clark, Kate, Eric, Ellie and Emma.

My wife Leigh and I.



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