Workers Comp Fraud GDI Insurance Agency Reports

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GDI Insurance Fraud Protection Program
GDI Insurance Fraud Protection Program

Workers Comp Fraud Alert.  GDI.

GDI would like to point out that this is a picture of an actor that is laying down in a staged accident scene.  I have been doing this almost 35 years now and have seen or had described for me this exact injury.

How can you tell if this is a fraudulent soft tissue injury?  Or these days you also have real life I cut my finger off to get my pain med's fraud we have to deal with.  No kidding people will injure themselves seriously to get that paid retirement and a life time supply of pain med's.

That all said, there are a few keys to be able to tell if this is a staged accident, or other fraudulent accident, compared to a real employee hurt on the job.

1.  Did anyone else see it happen?

2.  Do the laws of physics and common sense support what is being reported.

3.  Did the employee take the post accident drug test.

4.  Is the employee concerned with keeping their job and returning to work as soon as they can.

5.  Will the employee participate in modified work.

These are just a few.  I always want to point out that people do get hurt.  Legitimate injuries happen and those employees deserve the benefits they get.   But there is a growing number of staged accidents that look as real as this photo.

GDI has a workers comp insurance cost reduction program that helps address all these and other issues to help keep your company and employees strong and healthy.   Here is a link to some pages we made to give you some basic information.

If you call your GDI insurance broker we have a set of 5 documents to help you manage you workers compensations costs and reduce the cost of you workers comp insurance.  All free with no obligation.


Grant Davis


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