The key to becoming a succesfull habitual salesman.

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What is Unnatural by nature can be made natural by repetition.

That is one heck of a mouthful…  Last night I was considering a training session I had, and one of the comments about how hard it is to stay on the phones, (Call Reluctance), or to ask for up-sales (like they do at Starbucks), or referrals.

As I was considering these things I just thought to myself, “the reason these are hard to do it they are unnatural by nature”   It isn’t natural to call 50 people that don’t want to hear from you to get 2 or 3 that “might” want to let you meet with them.  There is nothing natural by our natures to ask people we barely know to give us the names of 4 or 5 others we might be able to help…  As I considered this I realized there is very little about selling insurance or anything else for that matter that is “natural by our natures”.

So the question became how come it is natural by nature for me?  Or better how can I make the things I need to do to become a success a natural part of who I am.  I mean it is great to read a motivating book, or take a salesmanship class, but how do you take the good ideas and turn them into daily natural actions?

The answer is repeated exposure to the unnatural event, or substance, or thought process over time.

This I believe is a very valuable insight.  I am sure somewhere and maybe everywhere others if not everyone but me may  know this already, but last night for me this became a known fact and one I can use in my life and business.  So I thought I would share it…

How do drug addicts become addicted to an unnatural substance to the point it becomes natural to them?  Repeated exposure to the substance over time.

How does a person become an attorney?  And Insurance Broker? A __________...   Repeated exposure to the substance over time.

Interestingly most of us up and until today have by accident become who we are today, for better or worse.  We have been exposed to a substance over time, and that substance has become our natural state.  We don’t have to think about it or do anything we by chance have been exposed to the same thoughts, or ideas, or people over time and just are naturally the person we are today….

But wait!  What if we could do this on purpose?  I mean what if we could decide on changing who we are, how our business functions etc on purpose?

What if you have a vision for your life, or business and 5 years from now you see who you want to be. (Goal Setting)  This vision is much different than today’s reality.  But it is who you want to become.

Howe about;

  1. Identify who it is you want to be.  This is unnatural by your nature.
  2. Identify the things in your life that are not consistent with the person you want to me.
  3. Expose yourself on purpose to those unnatural traits you want to make a part of you.
  4. Over time you will have on purpose become the person you want to be, or build the business you wish, by making the things that are unnatural by your nature, natural to you on purpose.


Anyway, just thought this was a neat insight…   There is a lot more I thought on this subject, but I don’t want you to see just how deep the “rabbit hole” is!  Lol….


Thank You

Grant W Davis


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