The Magic of Presentation Binders.

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About a month ago I met with a new suspect that owned a large plumbing outfit.  I spent a few minutes talking about misc things and asked to take a look at his current insurance policies.  He didn’t want to show them to me.  So I explained that I was applying for the job as his insurance broker and had to review his current policies to make sure his coverage was in order etc…  He wasn’t very interested in doing things my way so I told him thanks for the time and if ever I could help him please give me a call.  I remember him being offended that I didn’t want to “quote” his insurance policies.. After all he was paying over $350,000 a year in insurance premiums and had 6 other brokers working on his insurance as we speak.


This morning at his sunrise rotary meeting while I was still asleep he spoke with one of my clients, and told my client what an idiot I was.


When I got to work this morning I had a message asking if he might have an hour of my time this afternoon at 3 pm to discuss his insurance.  I happened to have the time so I said sure ‘why not”….


I made my presentation to him, his CFO, Controller and for some odd reason his CPA was there as well as his shop foreman…?


About 45 minutes into the hour I was stopped, and the owner of this company gave me his apologies for not letting me help him a month ago, and asked if there was still time for me to step in…. Sure… He then told me he owned a catering business and a few restaurants and could I handle those for him?  Sure.. and he said and to make it up to you I would like to call the owner of the pool company I just sold he could use your help… A few minutes latter and I am speaking with the pool company owner who is also saying he is sorry but he can only let me handle his group health insurance right now, but would I still offer him the service he heard about until the rest of his insurance was able to be moved to me?  Sure.. .so tomorrow I will b o r over another $43,000 a month group health account with the owners apologies that it couldn’t be more right now and his promise that I will be the only broker he works with from now on!


Turns out that this morning at the sunrise rotary meeting I became the topic of discussion.  It started with a plumbing company owner saying I was an idiot.  To which a client of mine explained to him what I had done for his company…. As the discussion progressed the pool company owner and a few other business owners (whom I just got the names from my client this evening to contact when I have time… if they don’t call me.) joined in….


There is a lot more to this story… but suffice it to say within 24 hours for my 3 pm meeting today I will have added over $1,000,000 in new premium!


This is unsolicited… but you have to get to Chicago in OCT.. as you are the only ones I will be sharing this proposal with… Other than my cluster….  I am only sharing it with QC out of a sense of obligation to say thank you to Michael, and because I vetoed all my local competitors.  This is hundred, if not thousands of hours of work product, condensed into a 45 minute presentation…. Way in front of the curve and my competitors’!


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