Salesmanship Simple Fixes Defining Who Is A Prospect

Written by on 12/8/2009 3:54 AM . It has 0 Comments.
Salesmanship is a trade, just like any other. Work has to be planned, and plans have to be followed just like any other tradesman would have to do. Last week I was working with a sales professional that was having problems getting the attention of his prospects during presentations. The prospects cell phone rang, and he had to go. He told my friend "just give me the bottom line" which was the price, and leave the presentation. As my friend left he noted his presentation was thrown on a stack with another 3 proposals that look just about like his.
There were many things going very wrong here. Much like a carpenter that doesn't know how to use a circular saw. My friend is a salesman that doesn't know how to use the "tools of his trade" here are just two that needed training.


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