Why Grant Davis is writing about Salesmanship systems?

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I have recently had a lot of feedback from friends, clients, and lots of new friends recently asking me why I am teaching salesmanship, and tweeting, blogging, video casting, and podcasting on Itunes, etc on salesmanship, goal attainment, etc, instead on keeping my focus on insurance. I thought I would take a shot at answering that question.
While the economy was booming, and all my clients were doing well I focused on helping them with their insurance. I built GDI, and all GDI’s business insurance programs around helping our clients reduce the number and size of their claims, and helping them negotiate lower premiums based on their projected lower claims. As well as all GDI’s auto and home insurance programs around choices from many insurance companies. Getting lower rates for better coverage was our objective, and still is.
But in 2007 many of my clients were building homes, or building subdivisions. As the economy began to change I wanted to help my clients. I have been in direct sales for over 30 years and understand that sales and service not only go hand in hand, but are un-separate able. Most all of my clients had superior products and services. That was their focus as “Sales”, just happened. But as we all see that has changed for my builders, and now in late 2009 most business owners are having trouble, and the answer is more sales. (This assumes they have a superior product or service, which most I have worked with do).
So rather than talk about insurance, and how GDI can help with insurance, I took a look at what my clients needed the most help with. I felt that if I could help them with their sales systems, and tie the sales systems to their great products and or services that I would be doing the most good for our clients! In fact I have helped save several of my clients businesses over the past few years by helping them learn how to use sales systems. I developed this site www.thehabitualsalesman.com to use to train sales professionals, and point them to some ideas and discuss what they need to do to develop their salesmanship skills. Currently there is no membership part.
So I always remind everyone that we make our living as insurance brokers, and know GDI can help get lower rates while improving coverage for your insurance, so please consider us for your insurance.
But I am focused on helping you save your business, or return your business to profitability, and will use all my abilities to do that.


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