Addiction Is Not A Permanent State!

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Addiction Is Not a Permanent State!

Drug addiction is not a Permanent State!

You were not born addicted and when you die you will not be addicted in heaven. So 20, 40, 50- 100 years from now or less you will no longer be addicted! That’s the good news.

You simply now need to decide how you want to spend the next 50-100 years of your life until you are no longer addicted.

In our family as is true with many of yours we have had to battle addiction for many years. My grandfather was an alcoholic, and right down the line it goes.

It has plagued our family, as it has many other families. This past week I was speaking with some parents in a lot of pain about their child. As I spoke with them I noticed a few things I would like to share with you.

The first is that addiction is not a permanent state. So all is not lost.

I also have noticed that an addict is not them self. In fact they are about 180 degrees different than they would be without the addiction. An Anti version of the person they really are. Just like an anti-Christ, an exact opposite version of themselves. This is evidenced by the fact that an addict will do things that they would never do if they were not addicted, and act in an evil self destructive and generally destructive manner hurting the very things they treasure the most.

This is a spiritual battle, not a physical one. I believe that we are spirits by nature having a physical experience.

I believe in Jesus Christ. In my bible Jesus cast our demons. This is a matter of fact and faith as the words are written in red in my bible.
Addiction is a form demonic possession, and or influence.

I say this as there are but two forces in this world, those that bring us closer to God, and Jesus, and those that tear us from them.

So an addict is under the influence of Satan, not the drug. The drug is the physical tool Satan is using to control the addict, not the spiritual. By this I mean Satan can’t win a spiritual battle so he will use physical means to try and destroy an addict’s spiritual progression.

An addict or any of us for that matter can’t fight this by ourselves.
The first step to recovery in this life or the next is to remove the evil influence. That can only be done by the addict’s sincere prayer asking Jesus to be their lord and savior! Once that is done, a turning point has happened; Satan no longer owns that soul, and has lost the war!

Jesus says, once you are in his hand who can take you from him? So addiction is no longer a permanent state. 100 years from now or less an addict is saved by the Grace of God through his son Jesus Christ! The addict is in heaven, and not addicted. Satan has lost the fight!

The question that now needs to be answered by the addicted person is how do they want to live the rest of their life? If they decide they don’t want to be addicted anymore, then they and you must consider what Jesus said to Peter when Peter failed to cast out a demon. Jesus said, “This kind does not go out easily, it takes much fasting and prayer”! Please note this… But go out it will and must!

As a parent or loved one what can we do? We can pray for ministering angels to contend with the demonic influences. We can pray that when our loved one asks Jesus to save them that faith the size of a mustard seed is rewarded by the peace of the Holy Spirit.

We can prepare to help our addicted love one, by knowing what rehab they will go to, and or a program like U-turn for Christ, or Teen Challenge, or other programs.

We must understand that God allows all of us our free will to choose our path. So our loved one must be and is free to choose their path.

We can help them see that they have but three choices right now.
1. Hit the reset button and get help.
2. End up in jail. Or
3. Die.

It is important that they understand that they have a choice, and it is their choice, but they have a choice and therefore they have hope.

While I understand to concept of hitting bottom, I am not a big believer in it. And at the risk of getting lots of angry emails, I will also say I only believe in a one step program. 12 steps are great and have worked for about 15% of the people that try it.. but I get lost when the truth is left out. Belief in a higher power while it may be politically correct a “higher power” isn’t going to save anyone! Jesus Christ is the only power in this life of the next that can and will save!

I understand that talking about devils and influencing spirits can make me sound a bit off. But I challenge you to explain it any other way?

Grab the book by Joel Osteen. Become a better you, and his new one It is your time. You can down load it on itunes, or buy the book. But feed your faith if you are going to enter this battle to save your loved one! The truth that is from above is first true, then peacably easy to follow. Here you simply need to love, and pray, and build your faith. And prepare to save your loved one as they respond to the new influence from God in their life!


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