Hard Times, Hard Faith

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Hard Times, Hard Faith.

You will have to hang with me a bit on this one.  I have to tell you three quick stories for what I want to share with you to make any sense.

  1. I was reading to my 12 year old the other night from the book of James.  Just because…  I reed the part that talked about there being only two influences in this world.  Good ones that bring you closer to God, and bad ones from the devil.. (I am paraphrasing a little or a lot depending on how you read it)…
  2. I like this part.  I thought about fear, and worry, and the Dale Carnegie book I read when I took the Dale Carnegie Sales class in the 80’s, how to Stop Worrying and Start Living I think was the title….  Close enough…
  3. So watching my dog Jax dig for gofers in my over run horse corral afterwards I thought a lot about all this…  if you follow my face book you will see my son is a Boy Scout and a few weeks back was a father son camp out.  A story we heard there was about a battle in everyone between a bad wolf, and a good Eagle.  To really cut this story short, the question was which one will win?  The answer is “The one you feed”.

Ok, now that all that is out of the way I am sure you can see where I am heading… Inside most of us today there is a battle between faith in what we can do, have done, want to do, and our faith in God, and our fear of the economy, what can’t be done anymore, worry, business losses, finical losses again in the stock market yesterday 5-6-10, lack of jobs, ect.. 

The thing is we can’t do anything about how bad it is.  The Dale Carnegie book I read talked about how it feels the same to worry about something as it feels when it actually happens.  I don’t know how that compares to what has actually happened.  I mean it hurts!  But worrying can’t be the answer.  Just logically worry doesn’t do anything but cause anxiety does it? 

So I think planning is always a good choice.  Figure out what you think you should do.  Compare it to whatever options you may have, and then for me pray about it and hope for a peaceful feeling to come.

Once that happens I think it’s time to take action.  All any of us can do is our best.  Things will happen even when we do our best, but at least we know we did our best, and what ever happened couldn’t have been avoided. 

I think feeding fear doesn’t help us.  From James again, he talks about a double minded man is unstable in all his ways.   I think he was talking about the story my son heard at boy scouts.  You can’t feed both the Eagle and the Wolf and have one win… 

Faith then is hard to hold in hard times.  But if we can narrow it down to only two choices fear or faith.  We all have to pick one to feed


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