Business Owners Helping Other Business Owners

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I was a little more than 18 years old when I first met Bob Endsley.  Somehow I had a contract with an insurance company and was setting up my first office on Canal across the street from the old TID building.

I have dyslexia so I can't spell at all or even read in the traditional sense, at least not the same way others do.  So if you can imagine a world before spell checks in word, (there were no computers back then).

I made my own flyers, and other advertising so as you can imagine I had miss spelled words, and other simply bad issues with them.

I can still remember Bob coming by my office with a flyer and sitting down with me correcting it for me, and talking with me about business and what should be in my advertising to help it work better.  He was a mentor before the word become a popular buzz word.

Of course at 18 you assume that everyone is just that nice and kind hearted and wants to help you.

But 31 years latter I realize just how special it was that Bob took his time when he had his plate full building his own business to come and help a very young new business owner.  It has become for me one of those very special times in my career to think back on.

I alos consider what I do to help others the way Bob helped me.  I think we should all ask ourselves are we taking a minute to help other business owners, especially those run by first time business owners learn the things that we were fortunate enough to have learned from a mentor.

Anyway the other night at a Latino Counsel Round Table Mixer I had to get my picture taken with Bob.  And of course say thank you!

Bob Endsley with Grant Davis


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