Sales Systems, Scripting By Grant Davis GDI

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Sales Systems, Scripting by Grant Davis GDI

Tonight we were going to hit in and out burger but the drive through line was about 15 deep.  So we went to Del Taco.  Yep one of those fast food nights.

I noticed when I placed my order into the intercom that I could barely understand what the person was saying, but that she was saying it with a smile on her face.  I couldn’t hear because the quality of the intercom is poor as most drive through intercoms are.  But I could tell she was smiling when she spoke.  After three attempts we got the order right and I drove forward to the window.

Here is where it got my attention.  On the window was a piece of paper that would be facing inside when the window was closed.  The title on the paper was “Basic Salesmanship”, and I could see a few of the lines written were on what would be called “Up sell”, or in other business’s maybe called cross selling.

I reached for my little camera and was about to take a picture of it to share with you, but I think I was working well beyond my wife’s comfort zone, as she turned a little white and told me to put down the camera in a tone that reminded me that we have had a great 31 years and if I want another 31 I better just “step away from the camera”  Turned out she thought I was going to take a picture of our server which she felt was way inappropriate, as she hadn’t seen the “Basic Salesmanship” paper.

Two quick lessons I wanted to share.

  1.  Sales scripting is being used everywhere!  Except for some of our businesses.  I am a fan of scripting sales calls I guess because that’s how I taught over the years.
  2. The tone of one’s voice via the phone, intercom, or face to face says more than the words you are saying.  As the cheerful young lady at Del Taco proved, and as my wife did when she told me not to put away my camera.

I think for us all that are in sales.   (And everyone is in one way or another) it is a good lesson on scripting sales tracks, and keeping a smile on our face when we work with our clients and prospects!


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