Major News Announcement form GDI!

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Major News Announcement for GDI Agency Clients ONLY...

“We’ve Opened a Brand New Office to Help You Save More Money and Get Better Protection, Located Less Than Two Minutes from Where You Are Right Now!”

Even Better, Our New Office Is Open 24 Hours A Day – Whenever You Need Help!

Can You Guess Where It Is?

Where’s our new office?  It’s in your home  or your office  or wherever you have a computer!  That’s right; we just opened our new Digital Insurance Office.  You can visit it any time you want to find out about:

  • How you can save more money on your insurance
  • How you can get even better protection for your home, cars, business, family – and more!
  • How to prevent accidents, injuries and other sources of danger, harm and claims!
  • What to do about your protection when things change in your life (marriage, children, divorce, moving, teen driver, retiring – and 11 other situations!)
  • What to do when you have a claim
  • How to quickly schedule a free Account Review so you know you’re well protected – and much, much more!


Can you do me a quick favor?  I really want your feedback on our new “office.”  It’s important to know that it has the information and tools you need to make your life easy, safe – and well protected.  Can you take a quick moment to visit it – and tell me what you think, or share any ideas you have?  That would mean a LOT to me personally.  And to everyone on our team.

Just hop on your computer and go to and look it over.  You’ll see a link to “Contact Us.”  You can leave your comment there!

Thanks again,

Grant Davis 


PS: We love having you as a client and want to give you the best service in the world.  Your feedback means a lot to us!  Thanks again.


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