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I would like to bring the work of the Center for Human Services to your attention.


I am asking that you consider a small donation to help them do the work you and I wish we had the time and resources to do. 

Many times we want to help someone but don't know how to, or have the time, or money to do it.  But by giving even a small amount to an organization like The Center For Human Services, your money is magnified as they already have their feet on the ground, and the facilities in place to offer the services needed.  Thanks, Grant Davis

Please click on this link to see an overview of their programs.
Center for human services, Programs at a Glance 2010

Please click here to see what your $40 can do in the lives of others!
Center for human services what we can do with just $40.

Here is a link right to the make a donation page on their site.  Please consider making a regular monthly donation, $1, $5, or what you can afford.  Become part of the solution, become part of the team, visit their site and see what they have done with your help...!

Here is a letter from them about a fund raiser they are doing.  Also please consider signing up on their website to offer a regular monthly gift.  $5, $10 a month adds up over the year, and gives them the monies needed to do the work we all wish we were doing to help others.

Over the past forty years, CHS has been fortunate to offer shelter services and family resource centers that meet basic needs, prevention programs that keep our children safe and free from drugs, counseling that mends individuals and families back together, juvenile diversion services to point wayward youth in a positive direction and education and employment services that help build bright futures for others.  Each day CHS is working to change lives for the better.  As a result, CHS has established a solid reputation and continues to accomplish our mission…“to change lives and build futures through programs that strengthen and support youth and families.”

 Due to the large number of job losses, home foreclosures and other stressors on our families, Center for Human Services’ work is more critical than ever before. 

  • In the past 6 months there has been a tripling of children and families calling upon the Family Resource Centers. At the same time there has been a reduction in grant opportunities and donations from both foundations and donors.
  • Hutton House, the only youth shelter of its kind regionally, assists displaced and distressed families by providing a safe place for adolescents while crisis situations can be resolved.
  • Case loads and wait lists for those seeking mental health services at their Community Counseling clinics are also on the rise.

 To celebrate our “40th”, we are launching a “40/40 Campaign” where 40 Teams are asking 40 people to give $40.  The goal is to raise $64,000 to support CHS programs.  I would like to invite you to participate on my team by making a donation of $40 (or a gift of any size).  You can make a secure, online donation by clicking on the link below

Enter team code 201 in the space provided. If you would like to mail in a donation please send to:

Center for Human Services

1700 McHenry Village Way #11

Modesto, CA 95350 (Please enter team code 201 in the memo section.)

To see the latest CHS happenings, please visit our website at  and/or join us on Facebook. 

Thanks in advance for your support of CHS.  I hope to hear from you soon!


  Dawn Tacker


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