Insurance for Medical Marijuana Clinics

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All be darn it can be done... Here are the issues....

1.  All insurance policies come with an exclusion for illigal activities.  While it is legal in CA, there are Federal laws that trump state laws, which make it illigal?  The concern then has to be will the insurance company pay claims?

2.  The answer is no, yes, and maybe.  If it is done correctly the insurance policy must address the issue of these exclusions.  When you buy your policy you need to make sure and have your insurance broker show you both the exclusion stating there is no coverage, as well as the endorsement that adds back coverage.

3.  Get quotes from several companies.  Or of course just call a GDI broker and let us do it for you... there are at least 8-13 companies we have that will insure your clinic properly.

4.  Remember you are a real business owner!  You have to have Illness and Injury Prevention Programs, OSHA compliance, Human Rescourse material, and the proper coverage.

5.  Proper coverage?

a) Building and contents, modified to include items that maybe considered illigal under Federal law.
b) Works compensation
c) Commercial auto coverage
d) Group health
e) General liability coverage
f)  Contamination and spoilage coverage.  (just like anyother product you eat or smoke) 
g)  Product recall coverage
h) Employemnet practice Liability
i) Directors and Officers coverage.  (this is a big overlooked coverage gap)!

Call a GDI broker for help insuring you correctly!  Lower rates, and the right coverage.

Plus GDI does not charge its clients to set up Hr, Osha, and other required compliance systems!



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