Helping Those That Help The Homeless

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 I was moved to action a few years ago while reading the newspaper.  The town that I call home, Turlock, CA, was closing its ONLY homeless shelter.  I think the final nudge for me was that the article below the homeless shelter article announced that the county was going to build a $5,000,000 animal shelter. 

 I do not want to be taken out of context as I am a lover of animals with 8 dogs, 4 cats, a fish pond with dozens of fish, and depending on when you stop by, a horse and goats at our family’s ranch.  But it just seemed a bit odd to me that animals in my town were going to be given more humane treatment than a number of actual humans living there.  I was left asking myself the following question, “Shouldn’t we treat those (humans) less fortunate with at least as much compassion as we treat our unwanted pets?” 

 Here are a few of the articles about the Turlock homeless shelter.

After numerous attempts with little or no success and with the encouragement of my loving wife I turned my focus on helping the organizations that are already successfully helping those in need.  The change in direction has allowed me to utilize my talents and professional expertise to help the organizations to be more competitive.

 Once we, my wife and I, decided that a change in focus would be the best approach, I spent the evenings of the ensuing month developing a methodology that would allow the helping organizations to maximize the improvements they could potentially get from their insurance programs while minimizing any time and operational disruptions required to do so.  We gave the program to our client, Modesto Gospel Mission a little over a year ago without actually being their broker or being paid for the lines of insurance we were working to improve.


 Each month they received a predetermined set of safety materials, OSHA compliance documents, and other items we had designed to help them reduce the number and size of their claims.  All credit for implementing and adhering to the materials has to be given the Modesto Gospel Mission as they implemented everything we gave them – and did an amazing job of it!

 This year (less than 18 months after they starting receiving and implementing the program) we began working on their insurance package.  They liked the company they were already insured with and just wanted to make sure they were getting the best deal possible.


 Their letter below says it best, but here are a few of the key points.

 We increased their property coverage by $1,339,547 and added replacement cost!

  1. We increased their coverage to 100% replacement cost adding $1,339,547 in total coverage!
  2. We decreased their premium for their property and liability by $14,932 a year. That’s 38%!

Modesto Gospel Mission Saves 38% and Recommends GDI Insurance From Non Profits

 Sometimes you don’t need a new insurance company; you just need a NEW BROKER!  Helping the homeless and others in need happens to be a passion we all share here at GDI Insurance and that is why we felt compelled to create a program specifically designed to benefit those who help those in need.  And it was Modesto Gospel Mission’s efforts to implement the programs that made it possible for us to be able to do our job. 

 Matthew 25!

 Thank you.

 Grant Davis


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