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You are ready to buy a new home.  You found a great one, in a perfect brand new neighborhood.   But, doubt steps in and you worry that if you buy a home today, that the value of the home might drop and you will lose your money!

What if the home builder gave you a warranty?  A market value warranty!  Better than that what if this warranty was fully insured by an "A" rated insurance company?   You buy insurance in case you have a fire, why can't you buy insurance in case the value of your home drops?  Locking in your equity, like a magic Equity Lock!   A Home Equity Protection Policy?  Absolutely!

Yale Professor Robert Shiller has been part of the Case Shiller Data index which keeps track of housing prices across the county.  In one of his papers from 1999  Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics Yale University Paper # 1007  Mr Shiller cites the need for Home Equity Insurance Policies.   See Page Two by clicking this hyper link.

In 2007 as the housing market collapsed I had many clients that were housing developers, or had construction companies that were put out of business overnight or nearly so.  It was then that I started working with a few of my clients helping them with their sales force, and marketing. 

The primary reason that people had stopped buying new homes of course was the fear that once they bought a new home the value of the home may continue to go down, and the new home buyer would lose their equity. 

The lack of Equity Protection became a reason not to buy a home.  The only way to solve this would be to find a way to insure the equity in a home buyers house.  Creating if you would a lock, an Equity Lock, that would allow a home buyer to buy a new home and take a large part of the risk of this purchase and transfer it to an insurance company.  Just like a home buyer does when they buy fire insurance.

I have seen equity protection programs, and equity lock programs, as well as other forms of home value warranties that don't us the insurance model.  These are very dangerous and clearly is not insurance.

From my idea in 2007, to the early part of 2008 when I went to some great insurance minds, those that have created insurance policies, and programs over the past decades, that have spent the last 3 years working on a fully insured market value warranty.  We have had a few false starts, but here we have it just about ready to role!

Andrew Waite is the owner of Nexzus Publishing Group.  They publish Personal Real Estate Investor Magizine.  Like Mr. Shiller Mr. Waite has seen the need for a fully insured Market Value Warranty, as a great help to the housing market, and in particular to those families buying homes.  With a focus on the family buyers of homes and their safety Mr. Waite has commented many times of the need for an insured market value warrant. Equity lock, or Equity Protection for home buyers.

That is what I am writing about today.  A fully insured by an "A" rated national insurer, market value warranty.  Here is a link to a little more information.

Please check back, as I will be putting up more information over the next month or so as we get ready to lauch our product.  We will start with a beta test with one builder we are working with now.  As soon as it is ready to go, and they are ready I will let you know who they are, and share the rest of the information.  Just keep checking this page.

Once the beta test is done, I will announce more on how to get more information, and set up our website with all the info you need. 

This is for housing developers, and builders to offer to their home buyers.  If you are a home buyer, have your home builder watch our site for more information.  We are about 30-45 days away from our beta test launch, so make sure and check back as we can provide more information, and details.


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