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Rental car insurance can be expensive, but driving either uninsured or under-insured could be financially catastrophic.  Here are a few tips!


1. The coverage you have on your own vehicle may insure you while you drive the rental car. First, talk to your insurance agent or broker or with your insurance company. Provided you are not on a business trip, the coverage and deductibles you have on your personal auto may extend to the rental car. But double check with your agent and be clear on exactly what coverage you need. If anyone else intends to drive the rental car, please discuss whether your coverage will transfer to other drivers of your rental car.

If you do not have comprehensive (theft) and/or collision coverage to consider transferring, you will have to purchase this coverage through the rental car agency. If your personal automobile insurance policy will cover you, keep in the rental car your proof of insurance certificate and your agent’s or broker’s name and phone number.

Being prepared will payoff; at $10 per day, the Damage Waiver sold by rental car companies is a big profit item for the rental car industry that is equal to an annual premium of $3,650 for comprehensive and collision coverage. That's as much as 10 times what your insurance company charges.

2. Your credit card company may provide coverage at no charge when using their card to pay for the rental car. If so, establish exactly how you will be covered while driving the rental car -and for how much. You may have full coverage, or you may only need to purchase a specific type of coverage from the rental car company to bring your coverage to a level with which you are comfortable.

3. Once you have established that you are already covered or that you will need to purchase insurance from the rental car company – either way, clarify the following: Establish the status of specific coverage for Collision Damage Waiver (damage you cause to another’s vehicle(s) you hit with your rental car), Liability Insurance (damage you cause to other people or property)collision (damage you cause to the vehicle you rented) and comprehensive claims (stolen vehicle, weather-related damage like that caused by hail and flooding and collisions with animals), Personal Accident (medical/ambulance bills), and Personal Effects (theft of personal items in the car). Also, before you even get in the rental car, be sure to take the time to closely inspect it for existing damage. If you find any, note it on the rental form and have an employee of the rental company initial it.

Related: Some rental car companies combine personal accident and personal effects coverage together as one type of insurance, while others sell it individually. In addition, the cost of insurance at the rental car counter will vary depending on the rental car company, its location, and the type of car you rent.

Some auto rental companies may stipulate in their contract when you sign at the counter a "loss of use" clause, which deals with the loss of use of the vehicle you are renting if it is damaged while in your possession. Better yet just give me a call and let me check with your insurance company, and the rental car company to make sure where you stand on this issue.

You can do it all yourself, or just give me a call Lorraine Azevedo.  Here to help you save on your auto insurance, and make sure you are covered properly!  888-991-2929


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