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Grant Davis, President of GDI Insurance Agency, Inc., and I developed a financial solution we dubbed Credit Enhancement Insurance and Bonding over the last decade. 

Simply put, we consult with our clients to enable them to utilize readily available tools/vehicles, and a few of our proprietary programs to either (1) negotiate out of, or (2) replace unattainable or unrealistic financing prerequisites.  One recent client was being required to provide an unrealistically large Stand By Letter of Credit prior to having funding completed for his project to start (the project has been confirmed as one of the largest private developments in the US), but after consulting with Mr. Davis and becoming a GDI Client, the finance company completely waived the requirement for the Stand By Letter of Credit.

I recently performed a simple Google search for “Credit Enhancement” and found some very peculiar results.  Some were from apparent Fly-By-Night organizations, others were from out dated resources that had used the term because it appears that it sounded “catchy”, and even more were from half-baked attempts for individuals to weasel (for lack of a better word) their way in to existing projects, only to attempt to charge exorbitant fees (in some cases the fees $10M+).

For credible and reliable information regarding a true Credit Enhancement Insurance and Bonding solution, call GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. at 888-991-2929.

 Matthew Davis MBA, AAI


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