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I recently read an article on which discussed a piece of legislation that is currently being discussed in the Michigan State Legislature aimed at prohibiting auto insurance carriers from paying for Medical Marijuana in claim payments. 

This is an issue that both Auto and Workers’ Compensation Insurance carriers in Michigan are watching very intently.  According to the article, “Michigan already prohibits commercial health insurers from paying for medical marijuana”, but Auto Insurance carriers in the state have begun compensating claimants for medical marijuana due to uncertainty regarding the legality involving such claims. 

Michigan happens to be the only state where Auto Insurance Carriers are held responsible for lifetime benefits, which in this case would mean that the Auto Insurance Companies would be required to provide medical marijuana for a lifetime. 

By the way in which the Michigan legislature has been pushing this topic, it appears they are going to ban such payments for auto insurance, and many hope for Workers Compensation as well. 

As a citizen of and Insurance Broker working in California, I am now intrigued to see whether or not such claims have been filed and/or paid by any Workers Compensation or Auto Insurance companies.

I do not personally have a definitive opinion or stance on the debate regarding the legalization and/or medicinal use(s) of medical marijuana, but I believe I would take issue with the insurance rates I pay being affected or impacted by people being provided a lifetime supply of pot. 

Matthew Davis MBA, AAI


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