Our Vision For A Homeless Shelter In Turlock, CA

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Finding a solution for Turlock's homeless population is something that the city has tried to accomplish in the past, but requires the help and support of many. Recently I have been working closely with several groups to make this a reality. The Turlock Journal recently published this article about our efforts to build shelter for those who are homeless or afflicted with addictions to drugs or alcohol.

I have a vision for the shelter. The dream is to build a campus-style shelter in Turlock to house the homeless and serve those afflicted with addiction to drugs or alcohol. I believe Jesus has to step in to get this done, and prayer got this all going.

In the last few days my dream took a huge jump toward reality. We have secured a letter of intent to provide $1 million from LandPro Development, based in Minneapolis, to form a non-profit foundation and build a homeless shelter in Turlock.

Currently, I am working to close a large-scale, multi-billion dollar land development deal for LandPro at GDI Insurance. As part of the compensation from LandPro, we will divert the fees directly to the shelter, creating the foundation of a 501c non-profit.

I am envisioning a partnership with all the stakeholders. A shelter where organizations like We Care & Turlock Gospel Mission operate the facilities and care for the individuals who need help. We have great partners who will help build the facility, and GDI Insurance Agency will continue to actively seek funding for the shelter.

While $1 million dollars is a great start, in order to create a sustainable place that will help the Turlock community for many years to come, we will continue to seek ways to contribute to this effort. It is GDI's goal to provide you the best insurance possible for your home, car, or business and we will continue to try and make Turlock the best place to live by finding solutions the community needs.

We will keep you updated on the developments of this exciting opportunity for GDI Insurance and our partners.

Local Businessman Finds Funding For Homeless Shelter - Turlock Journal November 5, 2011


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