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Turlock Homeless Shelter


Read The Entire Article:Turlock Journal - November 5, 2011Recently we've partnered with LandPro Development to secure $1,000,000 in funding for a permanent solution for the homeless population in Turlock. While no solution is perfect, simply turning your back on the problem will only cause things to get worse. This is just the first step, we will need the help of the community, but I am confident we will find a way.

Turlock Closes & Sells Its Homeless Shelter
Read The Entire Article:Turlock Journal - February 21, 2009In all my years, I have never seen a problem get better by ignoring it, or by moving the problem to another person's neighborhood.

Read The Entire Article:Turlock Journal - February 21, 2009

Turlock Journal January, 31 2009 - Grant Davis

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Turlock Journal - January 31, 2009

If Turlock can't help the homeless, I have a solution for that. I offered to purchase this 11,000+ sq foot building from the city a few years ago. I personally would see that the building was renovated and had places for the homeless to get back on their feet.

Shelter Proposal Falls on deaf Council Ears - Turlock Journal
Read The Entire Article:Turlock Journal - January 14, 2009
Turlock had opportunities to assist the homeless, and even had funding to help facilitate these efforts. Our tax dollars are used to fund the Department of Housing Urban Development (HUD) - and Turlock received a sizable grant, but the mismanagement of these funds lead to the issue getting worse. If I acted this way with our clients at GDI, I'd be arrested for fraud.

Grant Davis - Turlock Journal - September, 3, 2008
Read The Entire Article:Turlock Journal - September, 3 2008
Simply ignoring the homeless population in Turlock is not a good solution to the issue. We cannot dismiss human suffering and we must try to help. Ignoring this issue will simply lead to crimes of desperation, just think about if you had no where to sleep, you were hungry, tired and cold - what would you do?What would Jesus do?


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