Unitied Nations WSA-IGO Humanitarian Project, GDI Named Insurance Broker

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GDI is the insurance broker for the WSA-IGO Humanitarian Project.  This organization was made to promote and assist WSA member states in eradicating extreme poverty by accomplishing the United Nations' 8 millenium development goals which are :

  • expanding international commerce while acquiring improved quality of life for citizens around the globe.
  • Provide commercial and residential facilities to include community services such as Government sponsored Transportation systems.
  • Water and food supply/ farming /Homes, Retail Shopping, Tele-‐Communication/Mobile Phones and Internet, Sports Facilities, Physical Education & Leisure (SPEL), as well as MDG Training Centers geared towards the Youth

This project will be brining:

  • a 200 bed teaching hospital
  • operation clean and electrify  ( they will be able to make waste to fertilizer, tires to oil and carbon to steel)
  • Athletic fields to bring sports to the areas.
This will help them reach their golas to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, promote gender equality and empower women, achieve universal primary education, reduce child mortality, improve mental health, combat HIV/Aids malaria and other disease, ensure environmental sustainability, and develop a global partnership for development.
GDI uses its exclusive Credit Enhancement Bonding and Insurance Program to secure this projectl.  Click Here To Learn More.
Here is the list of places that they will be bringing this to:


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