GDI Cares More, Knows More and Works Harder

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Dear Grant,

I would like to thank and recommend GDI Insurance, Inc. and yourself to any client that has advanced risk management, financial placement, insurance, bonding, or credit enhancement needs.

When we met a little over a year ago I was working on two multi- billion dollar mixed-use developments in Dallas, Tx.  Getting them off the ground, pre construction services, development team assembly, project phasing, market strategy, financing etc... As the developers pursued several funding strategies, it became apparant that they needed to create a strategy to manage both short-term pre-development risks as well as long term construction risks in both projects to attract equity and debit investors to their projects.

You broke down the projects to their core, identified all the risk associated with building and then running the projects once they were completed.  Honestly I had never seen anyone more knowledgeable in risk identification that you were.  You said, "if we do it right we protect the owner and the investors equally."  Managing and removing the risk as you did, helped investors and owners as well as contractors all feel secure with their decisions to move forward.

After you identified all the risk, you put together solutions.  One at a time you created risk mitigation solutions that removed or greatly reduced the risk of developing the projects.  Even creating a funds control program that addressed concerns and provided executable solutions for the owners, investors, as well as Clark as the general contractor.

In all my years I have never met anyone that has a better grasp of contractual transfers, risk mitigation's, Osha Compliance, finance and just plain determination to do it right.  Adding protection for everyone involved, while at the same time saving development 10's of millions dollars.


I would recommend to any business, no matter the size, that they retain GDI as their insurance broker.  Further, I would encourage anyone with a difficult insurance or risk mitigation problem to engage you and your firm.  Frankly, GDI Cares More, knows more and works harder than any other broker I have met.

Like you have said, "anyone can help someone buy insurance," however very few other brokers have the knowledge and strength of character to truly help a company succeed.

Grant it is a pleasure to work with you and please have anyone who would like give me a call.


Derek Coss

Senior Director, Mixed-Use Development

Clark Construction Group, LLC

For information on our Credit Enhancement program CLICK HERE

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