Starting a New Business? What you need to know about business insurnace. GDI

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Starting a new business can be a lot of fun. 


Grant Davis with GDI Insurance here. So you're thinking of starting a new business and that's great. One of the troubles is, of course, is you have to buy business insurance. You have to get general liability insurance. If you're going to have employees, you need workman's comp insurance. As well as an employee handbook and employment practice liability insurance.


If your company will have cars you need vehicle insurance. If you have equipment or tools you will need to insure those as well. If you have a business, like an office, or if you have a warehouse, you will have to insure all of that also.  There's one more thing you have to do.


You've to be in compliance with government regulations, which means, if you're going to have employees, you are going to have to have a safety program and it's going to have to be OSHA compliant.

How about this for a deal? What if GDI Insurance packaged it all together for you?


What if GDI gave you an HR program with access to a real attorney you can call and ask questions to help you do your employee manual?  What if GDI also gave you a wellness plan, GDI helped you with your employee benefits, GDI gave you OSHA compliance and safety programs, GDI helped you with all of that. GDI will also give you your 300 logs that you have to keep in case there's an accident or an incident.


GDI will gave you a fleet safety program, so if people are driving around your vehicles, they know how to be safe. 


If GDI does all of that for you for free and helped you get our basic insurance policies together, we can get your insurance policies in most cases for less than you would pay just for your employee manual.

It's crazy. We can do all of that for you. We're automated, we'll just give it to you. It'll drip right to you, you take it, it's in a Word document. You got an attorney to call to help you finish it up and you're in business, and you're in compliance and in business, and you don't have to worry about somebody taking everything from you, because you've got the right insurance and you're in compliance, you're doing things the right way. We're here to help you, just call us at 888-991-2929,


A very simple phone call, very simple to get everything you need to start a business and to get your business insurance and all the other compliance issues you need all at one stop. You don't have to pay for all of this stuff, we have it for you for free. Just call us and let us help you with your insurance and we'll give it all to you. Thank you very much. Grant Davis.

That's right all your compliance issues given to you with insurance for less than you likely would pay just for a great HR system!   All you have to do is call GDI at 888-991-2929 and one of our brokers will help you get started! 

Thank You

Grant Davis GDI.


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