Construction Safety- Ladder and Fall Protection

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Slips, trips and falls are among the most frequent types of accidents in the workplace and outside of it. It is important to remember how dangerous they can be – they are second only to motor vehicle accidents as a cause of death and second in the number of disabling injuries in the workplace. Nearly 25% of all seriously disabling work injuries occur from falls.  These falls are expensive, disruptive, painful and sometimes tragic.  These tips will help keep you and your team safe from falls at construction sites.

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Legalized Marijuana and Employment: Off-duty Use and Drug Testing

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Confused about legalized marijuana and employment? Find out what your rights are as an employer in California and how to protect your business.

It is not always clear whether an employer may take adverse employment actions against an employee based solely on a positive test for marijuana. Employment disputes can arise when a state’s marijuana law does not address whether employers may prohibit employees or applicants from engaging in off-duty marijuana use. The inconsistency between federal law and state marijuana laws also leads to questions regarding employers’ obligations.  

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Construction Contracts. Call Grant Davis 888-991-2929 for help!

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Construction insurance and contracting isn't just about what you hire the subcontractor to do for you.  It is also about getting the right additional insured status with the right forms as well as the proper hold harmless and additional insured status.  GDI reads your contracts to assure your insurance will attach to your contracts the way they are suppose to so you don't find yourself paying legal fees that wont be reimbursed by your insurance company because the form was incorrect.  just call Grant and I will handle it for you 888-991-2929

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Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance and GDI Insurance Agency's HR Programs!

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What you don't know about EPLI, employment practice Liability insurance can quickly put you out of business.  Call Grant Davis GDI 888-991-2929 for a free employee manual template and to get set up on a free HR platform with free access to HR attorneys to help you along the way.  No kidding all free for the asking.  We provide our clients free of charge the best HR program money can buy!  and it is free! 

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PRESS RELEASE: GDI Insurance Acquires Folsom, CA based Paragon Insurance Services

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GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. (“GDI”) has announced today it’s acquisition of Paragon Insurance Services (“Paragon”) in Folsom, CA.  GDI has acquired the California operations of Paragon in an effort to both enhance the product and service offering to clients of both. 

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What is Cyber Insurance? And Why You Must Have Cyber Insurance! Grant Davis GDI Insurance

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Cyber liability insurance is specifically designed to address the risks that come with using modern technology; risks that other types of business liability coverage simply won’t. Cyber attacks are happening more and more and the cost of such attacks continue to escalate your good ole insurance policies just haven't kept up. Cyber insurance is relatively one of the inexpensive coverage your company likely can't afford to be without. 

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Are you Prepared for an OSHA Inspection today?

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Are you Prepared for an OSHA Inspection?

Most clients are a little apprehensive / worried about having an OSHA inspection.  I try to explain that these are very welcome visits.   If something is wrong, or not up to code the time to fix it is well before anyone is injured.   These inspections give business owners the chance to fix safety issued before someone is injured.  On a positive note, insurance companies respond very well offering premium credits as you implement safety programs that reduce the risk of injury or the severity of your employee’s potential injuries.   Following this simple program helps your company cut the cost of their workers comp, helps reduce premiums modification factors and generally lowers the cost of your business insurance as it reduces your companies risk!    

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Completed Operations Liability and Obligations of Sub Contractors and Developers

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In insurance terms, “your work” as used in an insurance policy is a broadly defined term that includes operations performed by the policyholder or on the policyholder’s behalf, including material, parts or equipment in connection with the operations. Operations or work performed on behalf of the policyholder means work done by a subcontractor is considered the contractor’s work. 

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