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Exclusive Insurance Savings Program For Dairy Farms, From GDI Insurance Agency

Dairy Insurance in CA, AZ, NV, NM, Or, and WA can call GDI and receive a quote that your current broker doesn't have access to. Rates are low, but our services and programs are the best in the industry.

Call your GDI broker today 888-991-2929 and see how we can reduce your risk and save you money now and into the future.

You Work Hard To Improve Your Dairy Every Day!

Shouldn't Your Insurance Broker Work Just As Hard helping you protect it? How about helping you keep the total cost of your risk down? What about compliance, OSHA, Illness and Injury Programs?

GDI Insurance Agency has created the best Dairy Insurance program in CA. We have created cost savings programs designed to help dairy owners not only save on the cost of insurance, but also on the cost of having claims on your dairy.

By helping you manage to total cost of your risk, we automatically get you the best rates, terms and coverage today, and prepare you to continue to get the best rates in the future!

Go ahead and give me a call 888-991-2929, ask for me Grant Davis, your current insurance agent will never know you checked with us!

Don't take my word for it. Ask any dairy owner in Central CA about GDI Insurance Agency! They either have their insurance with us, or have been thinking about calling us to get their insurance because their friends or family members just did!

No insurance broker does more to save you money on your Dairy Insurance than GDI. When our agents show up, your coverage increases and your rates go down! Many times even with the same insurance company you have been insured with for years. Most of the time we have found you don't need a new insurance company to get a better deal. Let GDI help you lower your risk with our exclusive dairy risk reduction programs. As you see here on our website, lower rates start and stay when risks are lowered! GDI specializes in reducing risk, getting you to proper insurance so when the worst happens you don't lose your farm, and saving you money on your protection plan at the same time.

All you have to do is give our experienced brokers a call. We will give you the assurance you need to know you are paying as little as possible for the right coverage and the right limits. 888-991-2929

How To Keep Your Dairy Insurance Costs Down, And Improve Your Coverage

... With Our Dairy Owners Insurance Improvement Program!

Our specialized program offers FREE information with several unique Dairy Farm Insurance considerations, such as:

  • Dairy Farm Vehicle Insurance
  • Tractor Insurance
  • Hay Stack Safety
  • Agricultural Safety Program (Includes Monthly Meeting Topics)
  • Safety Manuals
  • Safety Payroll Stuffer
  • Human Resource Programs
  • Health and Wellness Programs (Take Control of your Health Ins Costs!)
  • Group Health, And Employee Benefits
  • Workers Compensation and MOD Management
  • Dairy Employment Practice Liability
  • Fleet Safety Program, with free MVR Pull Program
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Risk Positioning, pay less now, and much less later!
  • Monthly Safety Newsletter and Meeting Outline
  • Risk Management Website
  • Online User Group Access
  • Full Disclosure of all Premium Credits Available!
  • Complete Inspection of all property. (this year alone we after the wind storms of early 2011 we had clients have their cow shades and other buildings covered for their losses. Had we not inspected their dairy, they would have not had coverage as these buildings were missed on their current policies).

Our program is designed to first and foremost protect your family and dairy.  Then help you take control of the cost of your risk, the cost of claims and the cost of insurances.

Ask Our Clients


 "Not only did GDI save us money on our insurance program. We received better and more complete coverage. GDI’s service is the best we have received in the 35 years we have been in business!"
-Tony Bruno, Turlock Dairy & Refrigeration Inc.


Central Counties DHIA


 "GDI saved us money, and improved our coverage! They work as hard on our insurance as we do on our dairy! If you run a dairy I would recommend giving Grant a call!"
-John Fiscalini Fiscalini Farmstead Artisanal



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At GDI, we consider ourselves experts at insuring Dairy Farms just like yours!

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