California Workers Compensation

As Workers Compensation rates increase for California employers yet again, what can be done to to save money on the cost of Workers Comp?

As you look at the various pages on our Website hopefully you can get a feel that the answer is not anyone simply thing, rather it is many things working together to control costs.

CA Workmans Comp costs can be lowered significantly by coordinating all the available resources available to reduce the number and size of claims. In insurance we refer to these two cost drivers as frequency and severity.

It starts by understanding that the rates an insurance company charges you for your CA Workmans Compensation can be debited, or credited by as much as 55%! The second thing is to understand how your modification factor is determined. Understanding the cost of a Workers Compensation claim isn't an easy task. GDI Insurance Agency uses a software program to both project what your companies Workers Comp modification factor is today, will be next year, and to project your trend 2-5 years in the future.

Next is to make sure your company is in compliance. Illness and Injury Prevention Plans are the foundation that support CAL OSHA compliant safety programs. All should be coordinated to reduce the number and size of claims you have. Looking back at your loss history is a good place to learn what should be done first.

Getting quotes from almost every insurance company is the 3rd step... A broker from GDI Insurance Agency can help you with everything you need to do!

We are California Workmans Comp Experts! We can get you better rates today, and position you to get better rates in the future.

We can't control what the politician do, but we can help you control what you can! Do you know that California Workmans Compensation rates can be discounted by as much as 55%? And that your CA modification factor can save you nearly another 40%!

Our clients do! Check out this letter from one of them! This client saved almost 50% on their Workers Compensation. They are not the only one! Please take a look at our client testimonials! Then call GDI Insurance Agency at 888-991-2929

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California Workers Comp Rates are increasing fast. Turlock, CA is the home of GDI Insurance Agency, CA Workmans Comp cost savings experts. We follow proven methods to reduce the cost of your Workmans Compensation. Above is just one example of a Central California company that saved on their Workers Compensation by calling GDI Insurance Agency. Here is a simple overview of how a broker at GDI Insurance Agency can help you Save up to 52% on your CA Workers Comp.

Your GDI Insurance Agency Broker Uses These Tools Successful Help You Save On CA Workmans Comp.

Saving money on your Workmans Compensation starts with your OSHA compliant safety program

Building A Top-To-Bottom Safety Program

Many employers do not realize the full effect workplace accidents have on their organization. Beyond initial treatment costs and lost production time, on-the-job injuries impact insurance premiums, which can increase a company’s costs for years to come. Building a comprehensive safety program that engages all levels of your client’s organization can reduce accidents, improve morale and ultimately protect their bottom line.

A Need For Safety

Successful safety programs start at the top. The following documents help educate employers on the importance of a strong safety culture, as well as the need for upper management support and leadership.

  • Financial Impact of Work-Related Injuries Presentation
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Safety Programs and the Impact to Your Bottom Line
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Focus on Safety and Health to Benefit Your Business
  • Agriculture Risk Insights: The ROI of Safety Programs
  • Construction and Contracting Risk Insights: Implement Safety Programs to Save Money
  • Health Care Risk Insights: Safety Programs and Return on Investment
  • Manufacturing Risk Insights: Lower Costs by Implementing Safety Programs
  • Wholesale and Retail Risk Insights: Safety Programs and Your Bottom Line

Build a Safety Culture

A strong, pervasive safety culture goes beyond ‘incentive of the month’ programs. Continued reinforcement is necessary to build and maintain a safety-minded culture within your client’s organization.

  • Workers Compensation Cost Containment Strategies Presentation
  • Safety and Health Committee Responsibilities
  • Safety Awareness Survey
  • Safety Program “Quick Check”
  • General Industry (and industry-specific) Safety Manuals
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Creating a Strong Safety Culture
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Is Your Safety Incentive Program Effective
  • General Industry Safety Matters: Promoting a Safety-Minded Culture
  • General Industry Safety Matters: Safety Meeting Basics

Use OSHA To Your Advantage

Vital to any business but also complicated to manage, OSHA compliance is essential to both building a safe work environment and avoiding costly fines. Help simplify your clients’ compliance issues with these easy to follow OSHA materials.

  • Workers Comp Insights: OSHA’s Four-Point Safety Program
  • Required OSHA Programs and Training
  • OSHA On-Site Consultation Program
  • OSHA’s SHARP Program and Your Organization
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program and Training Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program Presentation
  • OSHA Safety Newsletter (Seasonal Series)

Integrate Wellness and Worker Safety

Statistically, unhealthy workers are far more likely to be involved in a workplace accident. They also generally require longer rehabilitation and incur higher medical costs than their healthier counterparts. Adding a wellness program to any safety initiative can help reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents.

  • Workmans Comp Insights: Workplace Wellness Programs to Reduce WC Costs
  • Workmans Compensation Insights: The Obesity Epidemic and WC: What is their Connection?

Reducing Injury Costs With Planning And Communication

Having the proper pre- and post-accident procedures in place can drastically reduce the severity of a Workers Compensation claim. Stress the importance of establishing a system in advance to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Use Conditional Offers to Evaluate Prospective Employees

Assist your client’s hiring managers by educating them on the benefits of a ‘conditional offer of employment.’ Requiring a medical evaluation for all incoming employees allows your client to weed out prospective employees predisposed to injury.

  • Workers Comp Insights: Create a Workplace that Prevents Injuries and Increases Productivity
  • Post Offer-of-Employment Medical Questionnaire
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
  • Conditional Offer Medical Exam Form
  • Conditional Offer of Employment Withdrawal Letter (Medical Resons)

Select and Train an Injury Management Coordinator

Designating an Injury Management Coordinator can help clients manage Workmans Comp cases to ensure that employees get the care they need while also minimizing claim costs. Find a supervisor or well-respected employee to oversee injury management and return to work efforts.

  • Workmans Compensation Insights: Selecting and Training Your Injury Management Coordinator
  • Injury Management Coordinator Job Description
  • Disability Management Training Workbooks
  • Supervisor Injured Worker Preparedness Survey
  • Supervisor Response Training - Workplace Injuries

Help Your Client Build a Clinic Relationship

Maintaining on ongoing relationship with a local clinic has a number of advantages for business owners and injured workers.

  • Sample Introductory Script for Finding an Occupational Medical Facility
  • Terms to Know When Communicating with Medical Providers
  • Medical Clinic Policy

Enact Procedures to Address Accidents Quickly and Effectively

The 24 hours following an injury are critical; make sure your clients are ready to deal with accidents and injured workers quickly and effectively.

  • Workers Compensation Insights: The First 24 Hours After an Injury
  • Workers Comp Insights: The Importance of Prompt Claims Reporting
  • Conducting a Workplace Accident Investigation
  • Report of Injury or Illness Form

Create and Maintain a Return to Work Program

Return to Work programs are one of the most effective tools business owners have to reduce the severity of a claim. Help your clients create a return to work program with these documents.

  • Return to Work Program Guide
  • Impact of Return to Work Programs Presentation
  • General Industry Playing it Safe: Return to Work Program
  • Return to Work Policy
  • Return to Work Roles and Responsibilities Flow Chart
  • Physician Authorization - Return to Work Form and Letter
  • Return to Work Evaluation Form and Letter
  • Return to Work Agreement Letter- Employer to Employee

Minimizing Premium Payments By Controlling The Insurance Process

Business owners may not realize their own ability to control their Workmans Comp premiums. By managing their exposures and promoting safety, it is possible for employers to decrease their premium rates. Educating business owners on the importance of their experience modification factor, as well as verifying their mod has been correctly calculated, can create tremendous long-term savings for their organization.

GDI Insurance Agency Audits Our Client’s Workmans Compensation Premium

We hold the underwriters accountable by auditing our client’s Workers Compensation premium. This allows GDI Insurance Agency to ensure our clients are adequately covered without being overcharged. GDI Insurance Agency created and uses these tools to make sure you have the proper protection at the best price.

  • Workers Comp Audit Checklist
  • Workmans Comp Terms to Know
  • Workmans Compensation Insights: Controlling the Premium Audit to Eliminate Overcharges
  • Workers Compensation Insights: The NCCI Remuneration Rule

GDI Insurance Agency Educates Our Clients On The Importance Of Their Experience Modification Factor

Do you know that by reducing their experience modification factor they can greatly reduce their premiums? GDI Insurance Agency shows our clients why it’s important to actively monitor and work to improve their modification factor by showing them the tangible savings they could achieve by lowering it.

  • Workmans Compensation Insights: Understanding Your WC Experience Modification Factor
  • Workers Compensation Insights: Drug Testing and Your Mod
  • Your Experience Modification Factor Presentation
  • Top 10 Ways to Control Your WC Mod

Zywave’s ModMaster® tool allows clients to approximate their client’s modification factor, using loss runs to approximate the mod as well as model changes over the short and long term.

GDI Insurance Agency Offers Our Clients Short Updates To Give You Just The Info You Need Without The Fluff

Short on time? In 10 minutes or less GDI Insurance Agency can support its clients’ safety and return to work programs by subscribing them to one or more of the following GDI Insurance Agency monthly Campaigns:

  • Workers Comp Insights Campaign
  • Experience Modification Factor (Mod) Campaign
  • Fleet/Driver Safety Campaign
  • Focus on OSHA Compliance Campaign
  • OSHA Safety Newsletter Campaign
  • P&C Profile Newsletter Campaign
  • Payroll Stuffer Campaign for P&C Clients
  • Playing It Safe Campaign
  • Any Industry-Specific Campaign

GDI Insurance Agency does the heavy lifting that results in saving you money on your CA Workmans Comp. Just call us for more details. 888-991-2929

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