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I have had the honor of training hundreds of insurance sales professionals over my carrier.   Some one on one over years, the majority a little here and a little there and some at seminars I have created.

I call it training "insurance salesmanship" and it is a trade.  There are many that sadly will never "get it"  their pride and ego's take them of the straight path and easy path.  Yes even I have this disease of pride and ego.  It can sneak up on you when you least expect it.  I recently lost a potentially talented apprentice salesman to this disease.  Yes this is a trade, that can be taught and learned as a trade.  

While others will never really grasp this concept I am going to share it here just in case you were looking for something to think about today.

I will start with a question.  How do you define success in sales?

What if you define being a successful sales professional as "being of service"?  This morning I have a GDI Broker on the road heading down south for a new client meeting.  The owners of a large manufacturing company like what they have read about GDI and have all but signed the paper work to be our new client.

This is what I wrote to my GDI Broker on the road about 5am this morning.

"Good luck this morning. :) It always helps to just pray some and just try to be helpful.  Don't worry about "the sale".  Worry about being of service.

Being of service fits our faith.  Your success or failure isn't about if you gain a client of not.  The only measure of success is if you were of service."

This is me with almost 35 years selling insurance getting out of bed at the same time a 30 year old GDI broker hits the road to send a note.  Of course GDI brokers are trained, and know more than any competitor I have ever met.  Not just me but all my brokers.  Why do I call them "my brokers".  

It is the same.  For me it is about being of service to my brokers and teaching them what I know, and helping them reach their goals.  Yes I tell my brokers what Zig says.... "you get what you want only when you help others get what they want" 

I know that many of you will find this basic.  Please Know that behind this is all the training you have ever heard of, or can imagine.  I have been a student of salesmanship for almost 35 years reading and taking classes in it.  But once you get it, it really just boils down to helping others, being of service to others and not worrying about making sales!  GDI cares more about being of service.  Some will buy and some wont, but all will be better off having spent some time with a GDI broker that cares more about them, their family and their business.

Just so you know, GDI is a multi-millionaire dollar company.  We have grown almost 38% this year so far organically.  At our size in our business this places close to the top in organic growth.  Which in insurance lingo means we grew by helping others, not by buying agencies. 

I hope this helps.


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