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GDI insurance seeks out insurance brokers that are the best at what they do.  We are pleased today to announce the Don Avila had joined GDI insurance Turlock to head up our truck insurance division.

Don Avila GDI Insurance Truck Insurance Broker Lower Rates Better Service! Call me 888-991-2929

GDI's focus on safety and risk management programs combined with having the best insurance companies to chose from gives Don the tools he needs to serve his clients, and save them money.  It really is a win win, pay less for better services!

Here is Don's first blog. 

Of course it focuses on driver safety!  "A fleet safety program can save you up to 15% on your truck and workers compensation insurance"

Call Don at 888-991-2929 for a free fleet safety program!

Job-Specific Safety Precautions

Driver Safety

1.      Do not operate a vehicle if you are fatigued or ill.

2.      Do not operate a vehicle if you are taking medication whose container label indicates that the medication may cause drowsiness or other negative side effects.

3.      Obey all CDL requirements, traffic laws and signs at all times.

4.      Do not exceed posted speed limits.

5.      Do not make sudden lane changes except in emergency situations.

6.      Be prepared to stop at a changing traffic signal.

7.      Do not follow other vehicles too closely.  To determine if you are too close, watch the vehicle ahead of you pass a fixed object; begin counting "one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three"; If you reach the object before counting to three, you are following too closely.

8.      Give yourself additional distance from other vehicles when it is raining, when you are being tailgated, or when you are driving over 45 miles per hour.

9.      Do not drive the vehicle through, around or under any crossing gate or barrier at a railroad crossing while such gate or barrier is in motion to open or close.

10.    Do not drive under an overhang without ascertaining proper clearance.

11.    Do not jump from your vehicle; always maintain 3 points of contact.

12.    Do not sit on your wallet when driving as this will eventually result in back pain.

13.    Do not park close to an intersection or STOP sign because your truck may block the view of oncoming traffic or pedestrians.

14.    When backing from sunlight into the shadow of a dock, stop for a few minutes and allow your eyes to adjust to the change in light; always back slowly.

15.    Do not unload your truck without first setting the hand brake and chocking the rear   wheels.

16.    Never attempt to open rear or side doors of a trailer before first tapping the doors with tightly closed fist. A change from a hollow to a muffled sound could indicate that your load has shifted.

17.    Never stand directly in front of a swing door when opening, always stand to the side. Always lock doors firmly in place to prevent them from swinging.

18.    Always release load bars or other product restraining devices slowly.

19.    Place heavier loads on the floor of the vehicle and not on shelves.

20.    Do not try to stop falling products unless you can do so safely.

21.    Tighten your stomach muscles and use both hands when closing trailer roll up doors.

22.    Secure hand cart inside or on vehicle before driving.

23.    After hitching your trailer, always examine 5th Wheel lockpin to make sure that it is locked in place. Test the security of lockpin by driving the trailer forward slowly.

Avoid Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive driving is a serious problem which is responsible for many traffic accidents and fatalities. You should avoid aggressive drivers and potentially dangerous situations. If you encounter an angry or aggressive motorist:

  1. Do not retaliate or in any way engage the other driver.
  2. Do not make eye contact.
  3. Keep your doors locked and your windows up.
  4. Keep enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you to pull out from behind.
  5. Do not underestimate the other driver’s potential for aggression.

Job-Specific Safety Precautions

 Don’t Become an Aggressive Driver

Anyone can become an aggressive driver. Don’t let stress and frustration get the best of you while driving.

1.  Be patient and courteous.

2.  Do not drive when angry, overtired, or upset.

3.  Allow extra time to get to your destination.

4.  When possible, change your schedule to avoid congestion.

5.  Listen to relaxing music or books on tape.

6.  Give other drivers the benefit of the doubt - all drivers make mistakes.

7.  Avoid all conflict, even if you’re right.

Pre-Trip Inspection

Each operator is responsible for the safe operation of his/her vehicle.

Drivers must make a daily inspection of the following items:

                  a)   Steering

                  b)   Brakes

                  c)   Mirrors and lights

                  d)   Horn and back-up alarm

                  e)   Tires

                  f)    Windshield wipers


1.      Turn the vehicle off before refueling.

2.      Do not smoke while refueling a vehicle.

3.      If you spill fuel on your hands, wash with soap and water.

4.      Clean up small spills from around fuel tanks with paper towels or, rags before climbing onto tank.

5.      If a large fuel spill occurs, do not walk through it; follow the company's reporting and clean up procedure.                                               

6.      Always stay in attendance when truck is being refueled

Vans and Small Delivery Trucks

1.      Do not permit customers to climb into your van.

2.      Do not permit employees to ride in the back of vans or trucks unless equipped with seat belts.

3.      Always secure your load before leaving each customer location.

4.      Do not attempt to back into a tight or awkward location unless you have a spotter.

5.      Do not overexert yourself when retrieving items from your van; always move material as close to the back of the van as possible before attempting to lift them.

6.      Do not stand directly in front of the van door when opening it as load could have shifted.

7.      Before driving away from customer location, always check behind and around your vehicle for possible obstructions.

8.      Do not move your vehicle without first fastening your belt.

 This is just a small part of a safety program.  I know this is basic, and seems like everyone should just know this.  But formal programs like this work so well that insurance companies give you premium credits for formally adopting them.

Call me now for your free program!  I do all the work, and you save all the premiums!  888-991-2929

Don Avila GDI Insurance Broker, "Saving you money starts with safety" Call me now 888-991-2929


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