Don Avila Best Truck Insurance Broker in the State!

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When Don decided to join the GDI insurance team, and head up our Truck Insurance Division I have to admit I was pretty excited!  Don Avila knows truck insurance. 

Don chose to become a GDI insurance broker because of  GDI's value added service such as fleet safety programs, DOT compliance training, Hr, as well as the number of insurance companies GDI works with.

When I asked Don "why GDI?"  his response was simply Don said he "liked our attitude toward our clients.  He said GDI doesn't want to do just enough to get someones business GDI wants to do their best, and he wants to do his best to help his clients"

Not just anyone can become a GDI insurance broker, but Don was a great fit.  Then I got this letter of recommendation emailed to me!  I knew Don was the best truck insurance broker in CA!

Grant Davis

GDI Insurance


Mr. Davis,

I have been in the truck licensing business for over 8 years.  About 7 years ago I happened upon Don Avila, who was handling insurance for one of my customers.  After dealing with some pretty shady characters over the years, I was prepared to dislike him.  Don quickly earned my respect by demonstrating a great deal of knowledge of the trucking industry and the insurance business.  He is personable and professional, and I can honestly say that Don works harder than the dozens of other insurance agents I have worked with.

I have referred many customers to Don over the years, and every single one has told me that they are delighted to have him as their agent.

I highly recommend Don Avila, and I’m thrilled he is in your office!  I look forward to working with Don Avila and GDI Insurance for many, many years.


Lisa Curry

Don Avila GDI Truck Insurance Broker! 888-991-2929


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