The Competition - Do you stack up?

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Many in the insurance industry complain that the competition is brutal, unfair, or that the larger and more established firms have all the advantages.  To these complainers I would argue that they need to stop complaining and increase your own competitive edge.  The more established firms have the advantages not because of their age, but because they built their organizations like a building – one brick at a time.  Their age is a benefit only in that they’ve had more time to build.

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Marni Edwards, GDI thank you for your expertise and attention to detail!

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Dear Marni,

I wanted to take this opportunity to  thank you for your expertise and attention to detail as relates to  my insurance policies  ..Your diligence , reliability and kindness are noteworthy .

This has been demonstrated in not only finding the best policies to fit my needs- but acting act an advocate for me, the consumer  These are traits that are becoming lost in the workforce today ..You are definitely as asset to those you work for and I hope to maintain a business relationship with you for many years to come .

Thanks again


Are You Under Insured? Understanding Why You Must Have an Insurance Umbrella!

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A stack of money!  The only question you need to ask yourself is this.  If you or your employee hurt someone, do you want to pay for that from your stack of money?  Or do you want your insurance company to pay for it from their stack of money?   If you want your insurance company to be the one paying.  From what I see everyday I will bet you that you don't have enough insurance to cover your business, farm or dairy if you or your employees hurt someone.   Unless you are already a GDI client.  Call Grant Davis GDI and let me help.  You will be surprised how reasonably you can get the right coverage and protect your assets!  888-991-2929 ask for Grant.

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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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The insurance industry is one of the greatest industries.  In what other industry can anyone – and I mean ANYONE – have the opportunity to make as much income as they want and where the only limiting factor is one’s own effort?


Being still relatively young in the insurance industry and quite young for having as many years under my belt as I do, I often get questions and comments like:

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GDI Creates Unbeatable Health Quoting, Enrolment Technology Combined with State of the Art HR Platforms for its Clients.

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GDI Insurance Agency, redefined employee benefits.  GDI includes state of the art HR systems, wellness, traditional employee benefits, from health, dental, life, 401k, aca compliance, also added employee safety with its OSHA compliance programs.

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Michael Crowell Bar Vee Dairy Reccomends GDI Insurance and Grant Davis

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I would like to have you use my name Michael Crowell as a spokesperson for you and GDI. I personally recommend GDI Insurance Agency, and would tell anyone that knows me or my family they should take the time to get to know you and have you look at their insurance policies so that they can see for themselves what kind of person you are and what kind of company GDI is. You will likely save them money as you did with us. Saving us money with the same policy we had really showed how hard you worked to get us the best deal. And I want to mention again that in all my years I have never had an agency provide better service and support than I have had from GDI.


To my friends and those who know me. I would tell you to call GDI and see what I mean.

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Shopping for lower auto insurnace rates? Call GDI 888-991-2929

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Here is the first real key to getting lower auto insurance rates.  It really comes down to this. You have to go with an insurance broker that's large enough to have more than one or two insurance companies to choose from.  GDI gets you quotes from 46 insurance companies by putting your info into a computer in about 5 minutes or less.  Here is the kicker.  If you want to go with one of those companies, we just hit a few more key strokes and its done. You don’t have to call another company and start over like the “we will give you our quote and 7 other quotes” people make you do.

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How To Save Money On Your Workers Compensation Insurance From GDI

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GDI Insurance represent the majority of major workers compensation insurance companies so we can get you quotes from a large number of insurance companies at one time. We also use comparative rating programs, where we can enter your information and get quotes from just about every insurance company in the state. Even the ones we don't represent!

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Starting a New Business? What you need to know about business insurnace. GDI

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That's right all your compliance, HR, Wellness, Benefits, OSHA Safety, 300 Logs, issues all given to you with the right insurance program for less than you likely would pay just for a great HR system! All you have to do is call GDI at 888-991-2929 and one of our brokers will help you get started!

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