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Businesses that are experience rated are now subject to California’s New Variable Split Point Experience Rating System.  This means that as their payroll and operation grows, as will their Primary Loss Threshold. 

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Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) and 3rd Party ADA Claims

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The precaution to protect against 3rd Party ADA claims is already available to most business owners, but is sadly not offered by their Agent and/or Broker.  Many EPLI policies can actually be endorsed to provide coverage for the business owner for these exact types of cases. 

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Why Do I Need Employment Practice Liability Insurance? EPLI By Grant Davis

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As a business owner, we all strive to hire qualified employees to work for us.  Unfortunately, as you are well aware, not every hiring decision goes as planned. Even if an employee is a good employee and does a great job, or has to be terminated for a legitimate reason such as poor attendance or unsatisfactory work habits every termination opens the door for potential lawsuits.  The funny or not so funny thing such as in the example I am sharing with you the terminated "bad employee" wasn't the one that brought the suit.  It was the "good hard working employee"!   

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Outsourcing & Delegating in an Insurance Agency

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Outsourcing always seems to put a bad taste in people’s mouths.  They tend to think of shipping jobs overseas, workers then not being paid fair wages and the product being of sub-par quality.  The concerns of insurance agency owners are no different, however there are ways to outsource that enable the agency to maintain operational and quality control.

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The Competition - Do you stack up?

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Many in the insurance industry complain that the competition is brutal, unfair, or that the larger and more established firms have all the advantages.  To these complainers I would argue that they need to stop complaining and increase your own competitive edge.  The more established firms have the advantages not because of their age, but because they built their organizations like a building – one brick at a time.  Their age is a benefit only in that they’ve had more time to build.

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